Are you or a friend/loved one living in Bromley (or the surrounding area) and struggling to overcome an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs?

If your answer is yes, then Asana Lodge is ready and willing to provide you and/or your loved one with professional residential detoxification, rehabilitation, and complimentary aftercare programme through our state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab in Bromley.

With the help of Asana Lodge, you will finally be able to realise your long-term recovery desires this year — and, in fact, for the rest of your life.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bromley

The journey to a successful long-term recovery over drug addiction and/or alcoholism starts with conquering any feelings of denial as well as any last-minute resistance that you may be experiencing towards the prospect of professional addiction treatment.

It is important to remember that admitting that you have a problem with substance abuse and/or alcohol abuse does not mean that you are admitting to personal failings on your own behalf.

Rather, you are making a huge personal realisation and resolving to overcome a serious illness that you have fallen prey to. Addiction can take a hold of anyone, just like any illness, and so there should be no shame in falling prey to this awful affliction.

Admitting that you need help with battling your personal addiction takes immense courage, and you should feel a sense of pride in making the decision to take advantage of our professional Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Bromley — or one of Asana Lodge’s other drug rehab centres located around the United Kingdom.


Our Admissions Process Couldn’t Be Simpler

Due to the fact that our luxurious residential rehabs are private facilities, it will therefore not be necessary for you to provide a professional referral for treatment from your local GP. Additionally, this means that your time spent within our residential addiction treatment clinic will not necessarily be apparent in any official medical records.

One of the things that make private residential rehab most effective in treating addiction is the fact that you’ll undertake all aspects of addiction treatment under one single roof, one location which is completely removed from your established day-to-day environment in which drugs and/or alcohol have previously been a huge and readily available facet.

This means there is absolutely no risk of relapse when you choose to undergo your treatment at our residential facility.

Asana Lodge will also allow you to experience a totally personalised treatment plan. Addiction, in its many forms, is mostly defined as a mental disease. Therefore, though it is a complex disorder, addiction is very unique to each individual suffering from it.

Naturally, the fact that each individual has a unique experience with addiction means that addiction is an illness that is very much unsuited to any form of the generalised or standardised treatment plan. In order to make sure that the treatment you receive is personalised, our helpline staff will perform an extensive pre-admission assessment prior to beginning your recovery programme.

The information that our teams of staff receive during this interview will inform the core programme you receive and flesh out your fully-tailored addiction treatment plan.


We Will Help You Realise Your Goals

When it comes to you actually attending Asana Lodge’s residential private drug and alcohol treatment centre, you’ll be provided with all of the tools (both physical and mental) and resources necessary in ensuring that you can achieve permanent recovery.

Negative thoughts and emotions can easily fuel your substances abuse and/or alcoholism, and so while you are with us you will be armed with relapse prevention coaching that will ease the period of acclimatisation to new post-rehab life.

Here at Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol services, we want to not only get you clean but also prepare you for living the rest of your life while you are clean. Sobriety is not simply a case of removing the negative substances from your body, but it is also a way of life that requires a serious mental overhaul — something which our addiction specialists are highly experienced in administering.

Your drug and/or alcohol addiction is known to be a progressive disorder. What this term means at its core is that your addiction is not something that rapidly developed overnight.

Rather, your substance abuse disorder and/or alcohol abuse disorder likely manifested itself over a course of many years, which will be due to a wide variety of reasons.

During the sessions of therapy that you will experience with us, you will be guided by a professional therapist into the root causes, be them emotional or otherwise, of your addiction. The unearthing of these root causes will provide the most important aspect of helping you to overcome your addiction for the long term.


Our Physical And Psychological Treatments

Detoxification is something which it is perfectly natural for recovering addicts to be very concerned about. However, when you accept an addiction treatment plan through Asana Lodge, you will be able to pass through this period of your recovery from the safety of our detox clinic.

The physical treatment of medically-assisted detoxification will help to care and safely adjust your body to the physiological shock of being deprived of the substances to which you have previously been addicted to.

Round the clock care under the supervision of medical professionals is strongly recommended when experiencing alcohol withdrawal or substance abuse withdrawal.

Physiological treatment can be the dominant form of treatment in the early stages of your recovery. However, as you proceed, we will then employ a been of physical and psychological treatments including the likes of art workshops, family drug support training/counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, dual-diagnosis therapy, coping with stress coaching, group counselling, one-to-one/individual therapy sessions, exercise therapy, and much more.


Contact Asana Lodge’s Helpline Today To Get The Help That You Need

In order to quickly and easily secure a place at one of our drug and alcohol treatment centres then all you need to do is call our helpline on 01908 489 421 or simply reach out to us through the message centre on our website.