Admitting to your addiction can be a daunting step to take, let alone finding the right treatment. Most residential rehabilitation centres will provide you with invaluable support and guidance that throughout your treatment programme.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Richmond upon Thames

Recovering from an addiction can be a challenging, long process. It’s a relapsing condition, meaning that cravings, urges to consume, and drug and alcohol exposure can resurface.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes are designed to reduce the risks of relapse. Although relapse can occur post-rehab, clients are prepared with the tools and coping strategies to prevent consumption.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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Offered via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond upon Thames, addiction help, support and treatment will be available to you, to help you recover. Helping to speed up the process, instil some sustainable tools and strengthen recovery rates, rehab will provide a plan of action to commit to.

Our programmes at Asana Lodge are formed to treat addiction, improve health and wellbeing, and provide the skills to lead a drug and alcohol-free life. Contact our helpline to begin the recovery process with a feasible and bespoke plan in place.


Addiction Support and Treatment

Recovering from addiction involves more than a withdrawal process. It’s a process with a number of different steps, to prepare the body and mind for sobriety.

The process will also be bespoke, as addiction recovery will materialise differently for every person. Some will require a full detoxification programme. Others will need to be educated on addiction as a condition, and how to control it through lifestyle choices and relapse prevention. Others will need a significant level of emotional support to overcome personal triggers.

As it’s such an invasive and unpredictable condition to recover from, addiction help, support and treatment on professional levels are recommended. Possible to experience through drug and alcohol rehab, a plan of action can be formed for you, to work through your experiences.

Each step will focus on reducing the need and action of future consumption. Treatable and manageable with the right support, outlook, and choices, drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be beneficial if you’re struggling.


Finding professional services in Richmond upon Thames

Professional services of addiction help, support and treatment will be offered in your local area. Finding the most suitable for your needs will be encouraged, to make sure that you can complete the recovery process. Along with fulfilling rehab, it’s important to find a programme that will offer a comfortable and safe process.

Via a CQC registered drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond upon Thames, standards of care will be high to help you recover comfortably and feasibly. A bespoke programme, with a number of different choices, will be available, to accommodate your needs. Accessible through inpatient and outpatient timelines, services will focus on treating and rehabilitating the body and mind, whilst planning for and preventing relapse.

High standards of care and professionalism can be expected through NHS treatments, again available in your local area. Yet due to demands, incomplete programmes, generic recommendations and long waiting times are attached to NHS services. Difficult to commit to through the addiction recovery journey, private rehab is instead recommended.

Our standards and philosophies are formed and maintained to deliver helpful and proven plans here at Asana Lodge. You can experience them through our private rehab clinic, offering the tools to recover.


Inpatient and Outpatient timelines

Private rehab can be completed by following either an inpatient timeline or an outpatient timeline. Both begin immediately and are consistently promoted to take action. However, they do play out differently, from their pace to their delivery.

You’ll want to select the most suitable plan of action, to embark on through private rehab. Your budget, available time and recovery expectations will need to be prioritised to decide between both timelines.

An inpatient rehab timeline can begin with urgency, carrying over a 28-day period. You’ll check into and reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond upon Thames for your full recovery process.

Offering 24/7 care, a range of services, access to consistent treatment and post-rehab support, you’ll have a range of tools and networks to rehabilitate. Inpatient rehab is fast, is intense and is delivered fully under the care of professionals. Possible to experience on a budget, treatments will need to be paid for.

An outpatient rehab timeline can also begin as soon as you’re ready. Treatments and therapies will then be arranged for weekly visits, usually amounting to a 3-6-month programme. Support will be available throughout whilst recovering from home, while also providing the flexibility to continue your everyday life.

Outpatient rehab is a slower process, it’s delivered with independence in mind, and is suitable for milder symptoms. It’s an affordable rehab option and effective for those who do not require 24/7 care.

Through either option, a bespoke plan of action can be formed to motivate recovery and relapse prevention.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

Our treatment and therapy options help to treat, heal, plan, and stabilise health. We offer a wide range of treatment and therapy options, by merging medical, psychological, and holistic services.

A plan of action will have numerous, evidence-based recommendations to complete. They will help to withdraw the body from drugs and alcohol, heal the mind, offer balance, educate clients, and provide confidence and direction through long-term recovery.

Treatments and therapies which are effective include:

On admission, the most effective will be recommended, to help you recover and plan for the future. Treatments are used to overcome the consequences of addiction, whilst planning for long-term recovery and sobriety.


Accessing Rehab with a self-referral

To access a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond upon Thames, reaching out with a self-referral will be best. By doing so, the admissions process can begin, which will arrange your plan of action and experience through private rehab.

You’ll have some decisions to make, you’ll be guided, and you’ll be provided with a bespoke programme to begin.

Reach out at Asana Lodge to access private rehab and your own addiction recovery journey.

What to expect when starting Rehab?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when starting rehab. The process will begin post-admission, where you’ll either check into or complete your first rehab visit. You’ll be supported on a one-to-one basis to make sure that you’re comfortable and prepared for the next steps of treatment.

Treatments will soon begin, which will start the detoxification and rehabilitation processes. You’ll be provided with a personal plan, your own private space, and everything you need to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond upon Thames.

How to spot an Addiction?

An addiction can be spotted by looking out for the common signs and symptoms. Yet as substance abuse can impact every person differently, it’s best to instead look for change. An addiction is a compulsive and relapsing condition which changes outlooks, mental health, behaviours, choices, and priorities. If you’re experiencing or witnessing such changes, alongside drug and alcohol abuse, this is an indication of a habit.

If this process continues, a habit can turn into a psychological addiction. As soon as you notice any changes, signs, and symptoms, it’s time to consider professional support.

What happens during the Admission Process?

Post-referral, the admissions process will begin. The process helps to arrange your rehab programme, including your admission date, transport, and everything you’ll need to recover. It provides clients with the chance to prepare, to ask any questions and to fully commit themselves.

An admission must be completed to enter drug and alcohol rehab. At Asana Lodge, we use this time to get to know your needs.

Possible to turn around in 24 hours, an admission into rehab can follow, ready for your programme to start.