Preparation is key when embarking on anything new in life. This isn’t any different when considering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Visiting our website here at Asana Lodge may be new to you, the recommendation of rehab may be new to you, and the idea of fulfilling rehab may also be new to you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lewisham

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Such unfamiliarity can be daunting to face alone. Yet, with the right support and pre-rehab planning, those recommendations and exposures can be eased, helping your susceptibility ratings also increase.

At Asana Lodge we appreciate how you’ll likely hope to receive support on an immediate basis, making you lean towards visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lewisham.

While urgency is important, so is suitability, which we fully advocate, along with the necessity of planning; planning for rehab, planning throughout rehab, and planning for relapse prevention.

To experience an efficient admission, to experience a personalised treatment programme, and to experience support with pre-rehab planning, contact our team. We’re experienced and fully prepared to guide you towards your drug and alcohol rehabilitation goals.


Ways to prepare before entering drug and alcohol rehab

Preparing for rehab falls way beyond arranging your admission date. There are many areas you can plan and prepare, on physical and psychological levels, to increase your acceptance and awareness of drug rehab.

Whether you’re visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lewisham, or our rehab clinic, below are some steps we advise you to take, to make your transition into rehab, easier.

  • Increase your awareness of rehab as an offering, including expected steps, addiction treatment recommendations and recovery timeframes.
  • Do research into different rehab clinics, including their prices, approaches to treatment and recovery rates.
  • Open up to those you trust about visiting rehab.
  • Prepare yourself with enough time and money to invest in rehab and aftercare.
  • Prepare your mind by understanding the necessity of rehab, along with what’s ahead through long-term recovery.
  • Decide on the most suitable form of rehab, commit, and push ahead towards your admission date.

The above can feel very overwhelming while also battling through potential drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms and the emotional roller coaster of addiction. Through our support, we can guide you, offering a personal, efficient and reliable admission into our Towcester based rehab clinic.


Securing the right drug and alcohol rehab in Lewisham, for your needs

Your needs matter when completing such an important step of drug and alcohol rehab. With this in mind, you should do your best to find and secure a rehab clinic that can fulfil your needs.

There are a number of different areas you should consider, from your budget, to the type of treatment you’ll need to recover, and to the amount of support you’ll thrive off.

Experiences of addiction vary on a significant basis. Rehab offerings fluctuate on a significant basis. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation encounters also differ on a significant basis. Down to all of this, it is important that you place your needs at the forefront of your decisions.

Suitability is the reason we highlight the recommendation of potentially overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Lewisham, as convenience may be the only asset you can experience.

Yet, at Asana Lodge, you can feel reassured that your needs will guide the way, through treatment service recommendations, through recovery steps, and through aftercare offerings.


Prioritising your needs here at Asana Lodge

Your needs here at Asana Lodge advance beyond your ideal experience of rehab. We of course cater to your comfort levels and expectations of rehab. However, we delve even deeper to consider your health requirements, along with the type and degree of treatment you’ll need, down to your causation.

Suitability is fulfilled by assessing your entire relationship with drugs and alcohol. From your environments, to your potential biological weaknesses, to your mental health, to your relationships and to your lifestyle, we will consider all influences to then recommend the most suitable form of rehab.

Our specialities lie in cognitive recovery, by truly considering how your brain responds to drugs and alcohol, with the aim to make use of innovative treatment services, to rebalance and restore optimal functionality.

While our approach may seem unique, especially to a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Lewisham, our approach secures safety, it secures sustainability, and it secures greater understanding of long-term recovery.

This is your rehab experience, your investment and your future. We work to do our utmost in ensuring that your needs can be prioritised through the milestones of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Continuing with aftercare services

Through our treatment centre, you can expect to complete a comprehensive rehab programme. This programme will help to position you in a place where drugs and alcohol will be devalued. However, down to the complexity and strength of addiction as an illness, your recovery efforts must continue, to suppress their value.

Here’s where aftercare services are offered, to help you organically maintain long-term recovery, by offering ongoing care and addiction treatment services. A consistent schedule of support groups, alcoholics anonymous and accountability sessions will be promoted to help you maintain a sense of motivation, responsibility and drive.

In tandem with physical services, relapse prevention planning will also be promoted here at Asana Lodge, to ease your transition back to Lewisham. It can be difficult to return back to old realities on a post-rehab basis. You may be welcomed back by old triggers. To combat those triggers, it’s important that you have a relapse prevention plan in place.

A relapse prevention plan will provide motivation, it will remind you of your reasons for staying sober, it will offer safe steps to combat such triggers, and it will provide helplines for the event of a relapse.

All of the steps you take on a post-rehab basis can impact your long-term recovery rates. By accepting aftercare and relapse prevention planning, you’ll have a stronger chance of maintaining a reality without drugs and alcohol.

Right now, it’s understandable that you may be disorganised or lack awareness of rehab and its offering. Yet now is the chance to change that, whether you visit our rehab clinic or a drug and alcohol rehab in Lewisham.

Either way, pre-rehab planning will benefit your transition, helping you accept and embrace support, easier. Follow our above recommendations to truly position yourself ready for rehab.