Here at Asana Lodge, we understand how difficult it can be to take on all of the information surrounding drug and alcohol rehab; it can be very overwhelming.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ealing

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However, addiction treatment can’t be avoided any longer if you wish to live a life free from addiction once and for all. Taking that first step and contacting our drug and alcohol rehab Ealing can seem very daunting.

Our team are friendly, reassuring, and discrete in their discussions with you. We’ll provide you with that extra boost of encouragement and motivation to help you reach the point where you’re ready to fully commit to your addiction treatment programme.


How can our Rehabilitation Centre help you?

We employ an excellent team of recovery workers made up of doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health support workers. They are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way along your road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

We utilise leading evidence-based therapies to deliver a holistic and highly effective addiction treatment, personalised to suit each individuals’ unique needs.

We believe, and studies have shown, that by following an addiction treatment programme which is tailored to your specific condition, you’ll have the best chance of overcoming your substance abuse and achieving a long-term recovery.

It’s also long been proven that joining a drug and alcohol rehab like our rehab in Ealing and following a residential treatment programme, will produce the best results. Rehabilitating from an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a very complex process which requires expert guidance.

Despite what many people may think, it’s not possible to recover from addiction with medication alone. Addiction is a complicated psychological, physical, emotional, and social condition, all of these areas much be addressed and managed correctly by an addiction specialist in order to achieve a long-term recovery.

If you were to attempt rehabilitation outside of residential addiction treatment, you’re unlikely to see any positive results. This is generally because it’s extremely challenging to recover from an addiction, with the added pressures and distractions of life at home, you’re only making the rehabilitation process even more difficult for yourself.

You must be ready to commit 100% of your time and efforts into recovery, it’s not possible to completely do this if you were an outpatient receiving addiction treatment whilst returning home each night.


How do you join our Rehab in Ealing?

Our admissions process is simple, we’ve worked hard to ensure it’s as streamlined as possible to make for a smooth admission into our rehabilitation centre. Initially, you’ll need to contact us over the phone, via email or through our website.

Once you’ve spoken to our admissions team and asked them as many questions as you like, we will most likely invite you to a pre-screening assessment which gives us the chance to get to know each other better and design an addiction treatment programme according to your specific needs.

If you’re happy to continue with our drug and alcohol rehab, we will set a date for your induction into our rehabilitation centre.

A member of our recovery team will welcome you into our drug and alcohol rehab with open arms and take you through the induction process. This induction is there to help you feel comfortable in your surroundings and help you to settle into your private room before beginning your addiction treatment.

All of our clients will enjoy their own private room with all housekeeping, laundry and cooking needs taken care of by our excellent team. We remove all of the distractions so that you can solely focus on recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction.


How does our Addiction Treatment work?

As we mentioned, each addiction treatment programme will be completely personalised to each individual. Although, there are some therapies which feature regularly throughout our drug and alcohol treatment programmes as they’re so highly regarded for their effectiveness when it comes to addiction.

We offer a well-balanced mix of well-being, physical, and psychological therapies to make sure you receive a holistic approach to your addiction treatment.

Some of our commonly utilised therapies include drug or alcohol detox, stress management, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, individual, group, or family counselling, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), art therapy, mindfulness, yoga, fitness therapy, low level laser therapy, nutritional supplement therapy, and meditation.

Some of these therapies may sound unusual to you, but trust us, we’ve seen them help countless people achieve their long-term recovery goals and go on to live happier, healthier lives.

Most people that visit our drug and alcohol rehab Ealing are nervous about undergoing a drug or alcohol detox. It’s true that detoxification can be an uncomfortable process, but we wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t believe in its effectiveness.

The discomfort comes from the drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms which are likely to present themselves as you gradually reduce your consumption of the substance.

Our team are on hand 24/7 to support you through your detox and can administer prescribed medication to ease the discomfort if necessary.

It’s essential that you only undergo a drug or alcohol detox in a professional setting our rehab in Ealing, otherwise you could be putting yourself at great risk of causing some serious long-term damage.


What kind of Aftercare do we offer?

Receiving aftercare once you’ve completed your residential addiction treatment is crucial to continuing your successful journey to long-term recovery.

We offer all of our clients a free 12-month aftercare programme which offers dedicated helplines, recommendations for local support networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and ongoing therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy or drug and alcohol relapse prevention.

Whilst we offer high quality therapies delivered by a team of addiction specialists, you must be physically and mentally prepared to take on the life-changing challenge that is drug and alcohol rehab.

It may be difficult at times but we’re sure it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make for yourself. Call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at