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Comprehensive addiction recovery is commonly promoted as a necessity. However, many individuals lack awareness of why such a milestone is advocated through drug and alcohol rehab. Are you aware of the benefits and essential fulfilment of physical and psychological recovery?

If not, please do not worry, as here at Asana Lodge, we’re armed with specialist insight, guidance and experiences of rehab.

While you may hope to complete such experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, we can offer an even greater service of residential rehab, known to secure the comprehensive status, easier.

It is important to gain awareness of rehab as an overarching experience, and the smaller steps that it promotes. Developing expectations of what’s ahead and what’s required of you will help to paint a picture of your experience, on a pre-admission basis, on an active recovery basis, and on a post-rehab basis.

Increase your awareness to help you prepare for rehab, accept it easier, and complete its steps with confidence and clarity, both benefiting your susceptibility of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. For personal information regarding residential rehab and the steps you’ll need to take, contact our team.


What should I expect from a professional rehab admission?

Your admission should be confidential, professional and efficient. If you are set on selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, such standards are what you should expect from a reputable treatment centre.

The rehab admission process is very important. While it ultimately arranges your transition from A to B, it defines such arrangements. By this, we mean that the contents and direction of your rehab experience will be gauged throughout your admission process, ready for your admission date.

Arrangements are made here at Asana Lodge by getting to know you as a person, your needs and your history with drugs and alcohol. Such insight will show our team the type and level of support you require to overcome your drug and alcohol problems.

From the approach we will follow to the addiction treatments we will recommend; the admission process should secure suitability for you.

You should expect to share your needs, you should expect to complete a confidential assessment, and you should expect to work with our professional team to come to terms with your rehab arrangements.


Do you have an available drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham?

Unfortunately, we do not have a drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham itself. However, based in Towcester, our rehab clinic is close enough to offer a comfortable transition into rehab, yet distanced enough to also promote the benefits of residential rehab.

If you are set on remaining local, it’s encouraged that you do look towards residential rehab, as this is the greatest form of rehab for addiction recovery. It may however feel strange to reside from a local treatment centre, making it difficult to disconnect from your reality.

If this is the case, the distance of our rehab clinic will offer the opportunity to focus your energy and disconnect adequately from drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes, the most convenient rehab experience isn’t the most suitable. This should be gauged throughout the rehab admission process, helping you secure an experience that you expect.


Why must comprehensive recovery be aimed for?

Comprehensive recovery ultimately means all-round recovery. This approach focuses on fulfilling physical and psychological rehabilitation, ensuring that relapse risks can therefore be kept to a minimum.

This level of recovery should be aimed for, as drug and alcohol abuse, to an addiction level will result in effects to both the body and brain. Adaptations will also be made to accommodate the presence and impacts of drugs and alcohol, which will be experienced on physical and psychological levels.

To withdraw, disconnect and learn to cope without drugs and alcohol, comprehensive recovery will therefore be encouraged. Through a reputable rehab clinic, specialising in addiction recovery, this approach will be aimed for.

We advocate this here at Asana Lodge, set to provide you with a stronger foundation for your return to Dagenham.


How will my rehab programme be structured?

If you select Asana Lodge, your rehab programme will reliably be structured following the insight from your admission assessment. By gauging your needs and required rehabilitation steps, we can structure a rehab programme which highlights the contents and timeline you require to recover.

The length of your stay will be promoted through this approach, the addiction treatment services that we encourage will also be shared, and any further additional services will also be communicated.

Your needs and experiences will drive the structure of your programme. For example, if your lifestyle is driving your drug and alcohol problems, lifestyle management will show up for you.

If your mental health is poor, dual diagnosis treatment will be beneficial. If you’re anxious about your post-rehab life, relapse prevention planning will be completed with even greater focus.

We do utilise a wide range of treatment services, down to the individualism and complexity of needs. Being open to innovative and holistic therapies is encouraged, to help you benefit from the most effective and safe forms of addiction treatment.


What should I expect from my post-rehab transition?

We cannot provide insight into the steps you may experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, as every rehab clinic has a different offering. Yet, here at Asana Lodge you should expect a handheld post-rehab transition.

From aftercare recommendations, on a regular basis, to relapse prevention planning sessions, you will have access to ongoing guidance to offer advice and to encourage further recovery.

Alongside our input, your input of a healthy and positive lifestyle will benefit your transition, helping you avoid drug and alcohol exposure, down to the choices that you make.

By committing to your transition, you can make comprehensive recovery worthwhile, by continuing your efforts to reflect long-term recovery.

Such level of recovery may seem like a big step. Yet to tackle your drug and alcohol problems, such effort will be necessary. Experience reliable processes of such recovery efforts here at Asana Lodge, available to tailor your own rehab programme.