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Ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, heavily resembling an addiction will carry damages. Damages to physical health, damages to mental health, damages to social factors such as relationships, damages to livelihoods, and damages to the future.

In the moment of consumption, such damages are of course overlooked. The necessity of drug and alcohol exposure is driving the way. However, through such a strong connection, it’s easy to see how detrimental addictive behaviours and habits can be on life.

Are you aware of how you’re damaging your existence? At Asana Lodge, we do not say this to scare you or as a form of judgment, but to increase your awareness of addiction, along with motivating interventive steps.

You can avoid future damages, and you can overcome existing damages by putting a stop to your subconscious habit, at most part, active throughout the consequences and turmoil of addiction. Reach this point by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Mayfair, with our support as an invaluable starting point.


The expected damages of drug and alcohol abuse

Drugs and alcohol will affect every person differently. Existing health, susceptibility to addiction and the degree of consumption can have a direct impact on the effects that such substances have.

However, where consumption is ongoing, damages are expected, all reducing quality of life. One of the biggest worries focuses on the damages that drugs and alcohol can cause to a user’s health.

Physical and psychological health concerns are common, down to the toxicity of such substances, down to the functionality changes that their presences incur, and down to the accommodating efforts that the body and mind partake in.

Many individuals through a drug and alcohol addiction are also found to experience a dual diagnosis, chronic illnesses, organ problems or failure, and weak immune systems.

A further damage of substance abuse, which is again noted, focuses on the social issues that addiction brings. Relationships are found to weaken and sometimes break down, financial issues are common, legal problems are correlating, and the risk of stigmatisation are all damaging.

Through such priority, drugs and alcohol can flip your life upside down, from your wellbeing to your career and to your overall purpose. Right now, you may feel in control, where damages are at bay.

However, in one way or another, heavy drug and alcohol exposure is found to deter happiness, health and a quality life, defining damage.

Reduce such risks by working on yourself, on your addiction and on your quality of life.


Overcoming such damages via a drug and alcohol rehab in Mayfair

Some damages cannot be reversed, yet you can avoid future issues and overcome your current damages by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Mayfair. Through this route, you can look to complete a rehabilitation programme which focus on addiction recovery, but also on the entirety of your life.

Starting with addiction recovery, you can curb future damages by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, and by changing your reliance on them. Addiction develops and remains in the mind, which will require restore, to adapt your outlooks and your coping strategies. This is something we emphasis here at Asana Lodge.

You can also work on existing damages, by moving through a progressive programme, catered to your needs, to improve your lifestyle, your wellbeing and your mental health.

Rehab is of course offered to promote recovery from addiction. However, at Asana Lodge, we believe that recovery will require greater efforts than standalone treatment. It’s about making such changes and understanding their necessity to rise above and reach a point where drugs and alcohol are unwelcomed.

This approach may not be followed via a drug and alcohol rehab in Mayfair, as we are the only evidence-based rehab clinic currently active. However, through our residential offering, you can work through both addiction recovery and stability here.


Elevating your quality of life through rehab

Addiction treatment will provide a way out from drug and alcohol abuse. Withdrawal, restore and relapse prevention are expected milestones to work towards via drug and alcohol rehab.

However, within such offering, elevating your quality of life will also be aimed for. It’s important to consider how your current quality of life may be deterred by the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Your lifestyle may allow their presence, your environments may fuel consumption, your relationships may motivate substance abuse. Considering such factors will showcase the need for change through rehab.

In tandem with treatment, you can therefore look to work on your wellbeing, you can look towards lifestyle recommendations, and you can also look to build healthy coping strategies. Services will help you through:

  • Aiming for healthy nutrition, optimal sleep and balance
  • Stress management
  • Relapse prevention and the formation of positive coping strategies
  • A schedule of aftercare services
  • Positive lifestyle choices, including your relationships and your environments

All of the above can help elevate your quality of life, to a point where drugs and alcohol will not matter.


Paving the way for a drug and alcohol-free life

At Asana Lodge, we’re here to help you pave the way towards a drug and alcohol-free life. By working through damages to rebuild your strength and resilience, by promoting comprehensive addiction recovery, and by focusing on your lifestyle, your addiction can be worked through.

Such efforts are necessary to combat such a multifaceted condition, which is why we make such an effort through our rehab services. While we aren’t a drug and alcohol rehab in Mayfair, we are closely situated, and we are sought-after for our services, also accessible to you.

If you’re experiencing the damages of drug and alcohol abuse, we understand how hard of a time you’ll likely be having. We’re here for you, from today onwards to relieve such damage and provide you with a safe and sustainable plan to work towards sobriety.

Contact our team today for more information on residential rehab and how our programmes can support you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and a wealth of further areas of development.