Living in South London will offer access to a range of treatment options for a drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab South London

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Available through free services and those of a private standard, working out which option will benefit your addiction recovery journey, the most, will be encouraged.

Although all forms of addiction treatment will currently carry value, a break from drug and alcohol exposure, and a degree of recovery tools, the extent and longevity of each will fluctuate.

Relying on suitability is therefore important, to ensure that personal expectations of addiction recovery can be delivered.

Considering both outpatient and inpatient services will be beneficial, to understand their differences, from initial offerings to success rates. Both NHS treatment services and those of a drug and alcohol rehab in South London will be professional and recommended. Yet, recommendations should be personal, emphasising the needs to differentiate.

Experience opportunities of inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation here at Asana Lodge, providing the foundation for long-term addiction recovery. Reach out to gauge the suitability of private treatment options, within your local area.

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Treatment Options in South London

Starting with free, outpatient offerings, support and treatment can be sourced through the NHS, local charities, and detox clinics. Although convenient, considering the extent and structure of each option is important, as most are inconsistent, delayed or focus strongly on physical recovery.

It’s important to remember that treating and recovering from an addiction must follow a comprehensive structure, focusing on both physical and psychological rehabilitation. Outpatient care is usually appropriate on a post-inpatient basis, helping to guide the way through initial sobriety.

Inpatient treatment is an offering which is available through private treatment centres, promoting a residential stay for a proactive period of time. Usually offered through a 28-day intensive structure, working through a comprehensive process is viable.

The only downfall is that consistent commitment for that period is required, to target addiction with force. Yet standing as a small sacrifice, accessing such care, opportunity and progress will be possible via a drug and alcohol rehab in South London.

Reasonably, every addiction diagnosis will be different, meaning that NHS treatment services will be suitable for some, while inpatient rehabilitation will be best for others.

Comparing both, while prioritising personal needs will be recommended, to select the most fitting form of treatment, available in South London.


Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in South London

Offered here at Asana Lodge, inpatient rehabilitation is a popular recommendation, due to the success that it can offer. Before committing, it’s however important to ensure that personal needs can be fulfilled through a chosen drug and alcohol rehab in South London.

This level of reassurance will secure greater offerings of success, through safe and productive rehabilitation.

Personal factors including physical and psychological wellbeing, addiction history, budget, available time, and expectations of rehab should be considered, to secure suitability. We follow this approach through our admissions process, to ensure that our services and care can support our clients.

Offering a flexible service, personalisation is found throughout our comprehensive offering of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, standing inpatient care as feasible.

Contacting our team for more information will be encouraged, to secure the suitability of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in South London. A personal programme can then be formed, focusing on key addiction treatment and withdrawal services.


Detoxification and Withdrawal

Detoxification and withdrawal go hand in hand through addiction recovery. Completing a detox process will naturally help to promote physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, by removing existing traces.

Through the frequency and extent of drug and alcohol consumption, which reflects an addictive habit, a build-up of toxins is expected, which can continue to fuel cravings and desires of consumption. To reduce such desires, diminishing that build-up will be necessary, possible through detoxification.

Averagely completed over a 7-10-day period within inpatient rehab, reaching the first milestone of sobriety is possible, safely through a medical detox.


Rehabilitation and Recovery

Via an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in South London, rehabilitation and recovery can also be encountered. This is the pinnacle offering which deviates inpatient care from outpatient care, as rehabilitation can be worked through from a personalised basis.

Considering emotional connections to drugs and alcohol, motivations of consumption, responses to consumption and the triggers of consumption, adapting the psychological necessity of exposure will be possible. Through the fluctuating effects of drug and alcohol addiction, a range of treatment services will be recommended to meet personal needs.

Here at Asana Lodge, we focus heavily on holistic healing, whilst also combining traditional forms of addiction treatment.

Experiencing anything from virtual reality therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, stress management, satori chair therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy will be likely.


Support Groups and Aftercare

Support groups and aftercare will finalise the comprehensive nature of addiction recovery, offered as a direct advancement from inpatient rehab. Through an outpatient programme, 1 full year of aftercare can be experienced, in place to strengthen independent recovery.

Post-rehab adjustments can be difficult on physical and psychological levels. While rehabilitation steps will prepare and plan for long-term recovery and relapse prevention, professional support is still necessary. Accessible on a consistent basis, aftercare will be available in South London to conveniently fit into your new routine.

There are two main options to select between to treat addiction. Inpatient rehab is the most effective and efficient, facilitated here at Asana Lodge. Work through rehab with urgency in mind by selecting the most suitable treatment option.

Does Addiction affect family life?

Addiction can be emotionally draining, which can place strain on family life. As behaviours and priorities shift, relationship breakdowns are very common. It’s important to remember that such responses are unintentional and will be fuelled by the challenges of addiction.Working through any problems will be recommended through family therapy, offered through rehab.

What are the benefits of medically assisted Detox?

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be tough, influencing many withdrawal symptoms. Those symptoms can be both strong and dangerous if untreated, highlighting the need for a medically assisted detox. Through medical observations, health can be prioritised alongside the ability to withdraw.

How long does Rehab take?

Rehab is an efficient step, which lasts around 28 days through an inpatient programme. Timeframes can however vary depending on personal needs and will substantially prolong through outpatient care. Experience appropriate treatment for your needs via a suitable programme of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.