And, if you’re reading this, then chances are that you are looking for help with an addiction, and the useful applications listed below may be just the thing you need in your life to begin fighting your addiction.

Also, it should be noted that while these apps may be helpful in your fight against addiction, they will be best employed in conjunction with attending 12 step meetings/AA meetings, and/or consulting a professional healthcare provider.


Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an incredibly popular addiction recovery support app. Sober Grid resembles a social media platform, however, it is aimed specifically at people facing drug addiction, alcohol addiction, food addiction, any other addiction, or people who are already sober and are looking to maintain their sobriety by creating a support network for those in need.

This app also allows you to choose how much personal information you give away, and you can ever remain completely anonymous if you wish while still getting the most out of the app.

The app includes a Sober Counter and daily challenges which will help keep you in the recovery frame of mind throughout the day. You can also track and monitor your triggers, connect with other people facing similar addictions, and join support networks.


Nomo — Sobriety Clocks

Like Sober Grid, Nomo is a free app to help you on your way to sobriety. Nomo allows you to easily monitor your sobriety. This app provides you with a calendar of your sobriety, and can also break down stats such as calculating how much money you have saved, calories burned (specifically applicable to alcohol clocks/calculators), and will also award you with milestones as you go.

There is also an option for you to share your clock with a loved one, sponsor, or counsellor if you wish — something which can keep you motivated to remain sober.

Nomo can also share your clock with people that you attend meetings with if you want. Or, if you aren’t currently attending meetings, Nomo can find people who it may be beneficial for you to connect with and contact if you feel that you are struggling.


Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson

This relaxation-based sober app is designed specifically to relax listeners and in turn, aid them on their journey to overcome addiction by helping them overcome both emotional and physical cravings.

The app includes short meditations that can be done anytime that you have a few moments to spare in your daily life, inspirational stories that you can listen to, relaxation techniques that can help you sleep better and help you to avoid anxiety and many more features.

This app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and the Android Store and costs $2.99.


AA Big Book — Free Version

There are a lot of great apps of this nature on the AppStore and Android Store, however, the AA Big Book by Sobriety Soft LLC is an excellent resource for anyone who is either new to AA or has been associated with AA for a long time.

Crucially, this app includes a meeting finder, a full text of the Big Book, a sobriety calculator, speaker tapes, and recovery-based podcasts for you to listen wherever you are.


Sober Tool — Addiction Recovery

Sober Tool is another incredibly well-received, popular app that is carefully designed to aid recovery and prevent relapse, a common fear for those in recovery. While having a sobriety counter, and a chat forum, Sober Tool specifically has a process to help avoid relapsing.

If you are experiencing cravings or have identified a temptation, then you can inform the app and it will provide you with an uplifting and motivational answer which is specifically relevant to what you are currently facing.

This app was also apparently developed by a Licensed Chemical Dependency and Certified Alcoholism Counsellor in conjunction with a team from Ohio State University.


I Am Sober

The I Am Sober app is also an excellent accompaniment to therapy and/or attending meetings. The app is a brilliant way to record your recovery.

I Am Sober focuses on a “better you one day at a time” approach, offering daily pledges and review, a way to analyse triggers and find patterns to make each day easier, customisable experiences within the app, and many more features.



While the Headspace app may not seem specifically aimed at combating alcohol addiction, drug addiction, food addiction, or any other addiction, the beneficial effects of a positive mental state and outlook on life cannot be understated in the pursuit of sobriety.

With the help of Headspace, you will be able to find meditation techniques which can help you improve on your current mental state, increase your focus on your goal of recovery, as well as aiding your sleeping which can have countless health benefits — both mental and physical.

Headspace can provide free trial programmes as well which can give you a taste of whether their meditation techniques will benefit you on your journey.


Don’t Forget, These Apps Will Work Best In Conjunction With Extra Help!

The fight against addiction is difficult and long, but the rewards of a sober life can never be understated. And, while these apps can help your daily fight against addiction and prevent relapse, help such as that which we offer here at Asana Lodge is vital when it comes to overcoming addiction.

These apps will yield the best results when used in conjunction with processes such as attending one of our bespoke treatment programmes, where our highly qualified teams will work with you to overcome your addiction in whatever forms it may present itself.


Raffa Bari - Author - Last Updated: 30 October 2020

Raffa Bari (Bsc, CertEd, CELTA, NLP Prac, BAAT) has an extensive background in addiction recovery, specialising in areas such as Integrative Art Psychotherapy (BAAT Registered) for addiction treatment.

Using her incredible dedication and passion towards personal transformation and recovery, Raffa has helped truly transform the lives of so many individuals.

It is this extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in everything to do with addiction recovery that makes her the perfect author for our site.

Raffa will be posting regularly with new updates and information on the latest industry topics to do with addiction and mental health.

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