Are All Painkillers Addictive?

Published 24 November 2023, in

Painkillers are medications which are designed to alleviate pain and provide relief to individuals suffering from various forms of discomfort such as back pain, migraines, toothache and more. Although painkillers can be very beneficial in helping people manage pain, there is a risk of certain types of painkillers becoming addictive if not used as they…

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Why Do Alcoholics Shake?

Published 17 November 2023, in

Addiction is a disease that brings with it many consequences. It can change every aspect of your life – it can leave you unemployed, destroy relationships and cause long-term health problems. The scary thing about alcoholism is that it can sneak up on a person and be hard to identify. One trait of an alcoholic…

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How to Deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Published 10 November 2023, in

It’s well-accepted that people tend to drink and eat more around Christmas, some not doing so because it makes them feel good. Alcohol and mental health issues can rise up during the winter months, disappearing when summer comes. This may not just be a quirk of personality but could be a sign of Seasonal Affective…

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