Life in Recovery: Do Cravings Go Away?

Published 28 March 2024, in

When you’re in recovery from addiction, one of the toughest parts is handling the intense cravings that arise. This is especially true when you’re just new to sobriety. Everyone faces their battles when recovering, but cravings are actually quite a common struggle. In this post, we explore the nature of cravings during recovery, how they…

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5 Warning Signs of Relapse

Published 22 March 2024, in

Addiction recovery isn’t a straight line. Completing treatment at a rehab centre and overcoming your alcohol and drug addiction is a huge step on that journey, but there is still a long way to go. Many struggles wait, and one of the biggest is the danger of relapsing. It is estimated that between 40% to…

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How To Stay Sober

Published 8 October 2021, in

There are many benefits to sobriety and its long-term milestones. Committing to an alcohol-free reality can be life-changing, offering physical, psychological, financial, and personal benefits. Yet before experiencing those benefits, detoxing, rehabilitating, and working towards sobriety will all be essential. From here, remaining sober will require ongoing efforts and focus on managing long-term recovery. By following our guide here at Asana Lodge,…

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6 Ways To Avoid Relapse Triggers

Published 30 July 2021, in

Both maintenance and prevention are key goals of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To maintain recovery and to prevent relapse triggers are reasonable focuses to have, worked on and planned for through rehab. Ultimately, the steps, treatment services and milestones of rehab deliver the tools to realistically achieve such goals. Although realistic, it’s vital to remember that post-rehab steps and…

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How To Maintain Sobriety Long Term

Published 9 April 2021, in

Approaching rehab with this mindset is a great starting point. However, in order to stand a chance of maintaining sober living, it’s vital that you understand what’s ahead, prepare for it, and commit to the requirements of such a goal. Returning home after rehab can be an exhilarating yet vulnerable time, as you learn to lead a sober lifestyle. Your…

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Are You Prone To Addiction? Understanding Addictive Personality

Published 22 December 2020, in

When thinking about such ideas, it is important to start by thinking about what an addiction actually is, as addiction is a very complex disorder, and so it is important to consider such things as: what is the difference between a habit and an addiction, is there a link between genetics and addictive personality, is…

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