Asana Sleep Week – How Important Is Sleep?

Published 10 May 2021, in

Sleep is really important, we spend one-third of ours lives asleep. It is vital for better mental and physical health.  We recognise this importance at Asana Lodge so we are exploring all the different aspects of life sleep is beneficial for.   Mental health and sleep are entwined, with mental health issues such; depression and…

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How To Ease Your Way Out Of Lockdown When You Have Social Anxiety

Published 7 May 2021, in

Lockdown, caused by the coronavirus pandemic has turned the commonly chosen option of isolation into a mandatory step, where we’ve spent the last year at home, with limited face to face interaction. Such impacts have increased the rate of social anxiety diagnoses, where limited interaction has become the norm, painting the readjustment of life as an anxious…

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