Why rehab aftercare is essential to addiction recovery

Published 19 November 2021, in

Life-changing levels of progress can be made through rehab. Yet once a return home is recommended, old influences and habits can creep back in, placing many recovering addicts in vulnerable positions. In place to ease transitions from rehab, aftercare is a follow-on service, offered through private rehab. Recognised as essential to addiction recovery, rehab aftercare options include support groups, therapy sessions, 12-step programmes, and continuous…

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Signs You Need To Attend An Addiction Rehab

Published 12 November 2021, in

Rehab is the safest, most comfortable, and effective process for addicts to work through. Not only does it offer the tools to treat addiction, but it also provides support across the rehabilitation journey. Addiction rehab is a commonly recommended next step for many people who are struggling with substance abuse or drug and alcohol addictions. It’s a flexible process, which unfolds by prioritising…

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The Role of Stress in Drug Addiction

Published 5 November 2021, in

Stress has an impactful role in life. Personal responses, the type of stress and its strength can all affect how impactful it actually is. On average, stress is manageable and reduces once threats and pressures decrease. Yet for some it can be chronic, debilitating and challenging to control. The emotions, thoughts, and responses that stress…

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