Can Ibuprofen and Alcohol Kill You?

Published 30 June 2023, in

There can be risks when you mix any medication, like ibuprofen, with alcohol. It’s important to understand that this can be dangerous. Plus, if you drink frequently or are currently living with alcohol addiction, adding painkillers into the mix can lead to even more serious problems.   Ibuprofen is a commonly used pain reliever. It…

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Do Some People Have Natural High Tolerance to Drugs?

Published 23 June 2023, in

Do some people have a natural high tolerance to drugs? Although it’s true that everyone’s body works a little differently, underlining the wonderful variety and complexity of human health and biology – can it really be true that some people naturally have a stronger resistance to substances than others? In this article, we explore the…

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Dangers of Bulimia and Alcohol Addiction

Published 16 June 2023, in

Addictions come in many forms and can wreak havoc on a person’s physical and mental well-being. Chronic overconsumption of alcohol will eventually leave you with permanent damage and could end relationships, make you lose your job and lead to financial ruin. Eating disorders, such as Bulimia, are damaging too – causing physical decline and mental…

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