Can you Overdose from Ecstasy?

Published 24 October 2022, in

Ecstasy is an illegal recreational drug, classed as a stimulant and psychedelic. People started taking the drug in the late eighties, often associated with house music, Ibiza and the rave scene. It’s usually taken in nightclubs or parties, but some people take it in other situations. Other standard terms for Ecstasy include MDMA, Molly, Pills,…

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What is Spice and is it Dangerous?

Published 18 October 2022, in

Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid which means it’s a drug that’s been created in a laboratory, originally designed to mimic the effects of cannabis. When it comes to what’s in Spice, it’s a wide variety of herbal mixtures that aim to produce effects like those that marijuana produces. Spice is marketed as a safe, legal…

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The Risks of Home Brewing and Addiction

Published 17 October 2022, in

  While it is always good to try and embrace new hobbies and look for ways to save money, in recent years, this sentiment has translated into many people buying and using home brewing kits to try and make their own alcoholic drinks. While it may seem harmless enough, there is a risk associated with…

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