Why is Codeine Addictive?

Published 20 May 2022, in

Codeine addiction devastates people’s lives; you may have read widespread media reports about the dangers of addiction to opioid drugs such as codeine, Oxycodone (also known as Oxycontin), tramadol and fentanyl. But there is good news: you can get help for your addiction through rehab clinics, your GP and local support services. Codeine is a…

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Drinking Alcohol with Covid

Published 16 May 2022, in

  Drinking alcohol in large amounts won’t stop you from getting Covid — it will weaken your immune system, increasing your likelihood of picking up Covid. The best way to avoid Covid is by living a healthy lifestyle and taking common-sense precautions.   While using alcohol-based hand sanitiser and sprays will help protect your hands…

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