Food addiction – Impact on obesity

Published 14 January 2021, in

Obesity levels, on a global scale, are continually on the rise, even though now more than ever we have easier access to healthy foods, virtual exercise regimes and overall holistic techniques. In tandem with this, food addiction diagnoses are also establishing a trend in association with binge eating habits, increasing its familiarity as an addiction.…

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Helping Someone With An Eating Disorder

Published 8 January 2021, in

However, helping someone with an eating disorder is not as straightforward as many imagine it to be. If you are hoping to help someone with an eating disorder, we have outlined how you can do so here.   Before helping someone with an eating disorder, you must distinguish whether an eating disorder is indeed present.…

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What Apps Can Help You With Addiction Recovery?

And, if you’re reading this, then chances are that you are looking for help with an addiction, and the useful applications listed below may be just the thing you need in your life to begin fighting your addiction. Also, it should be noted that while these apps may be helpful in your fight against addiction,…

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Signs of Spotting Someone Has an Eating Disorder

Published 23 October 2020, in

If you believe that someone close to you is suffering with an eating disorder, you may find yourself searching to uncover the signs of spotting someone has an eating disorder. If this resonates with you, we are on hand to help. In the UK, it is thought that up to 3.4 million people are affected…

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What Causes Anorexia Nervosa

Published 23 May 2019, in

Anorexia is commonly associated with young women, and while the majority of sufferers are teenage girls and women in their 20s, increasing numbers of men are suffering from the condition. Increasing numbers of older people are also developing an eating disorder, with cases of people in middle age developing anorexia and other conditions. When a…

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Is An Eating Disorder A Mental Illness?

Published 16 May 2019, in

Many people with an eating problem are also diagnosed with a mental illness, and in order to treat one condition, we also need to look at the other. That’s why the team at Asana Lodge includes experts in both mental health problems and eating disorders, giving you a better chance of recovery.   Each mental…

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