Mental Health and Addiction. Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Published 15 October 2021, in

Each year, approximately one in eight adults require treatment for mental health disorders. An additional 160,000 adults are referred for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. While many understand the impact of mental health disorders and addictions, an increase in the number of people attempting to ascertain whether mental health and addiction do go hand in…

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How To Stay Sober

Published 8 October 2021, in

There are many benefits to sobriety and its long-term milestones. Committing to an alcohol-free reality can be life-changing, offering physical, psychological, financial, and personal benefits. Yet before experiencing those benefits, detoxing, rehabilitating, and working towards sobriety will all be essential. From here, remaining sober will require ongoing efforts and focus on managing long-term recovery. By following our guidance here at Asana Lodge, making a strong start will be…

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