Are You Prone To Addiction? Understanding Addictive Personality

Published 22 December 2020, in

When thinking about such ideas, it is important to start by thinking about what an addiction actually is, as addiction is a very complex disorder, and so it is important to consider such things as: what is the difference between a habit and an addiction, is there a link between genetics and addictive personality, is…

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Addiction and the festive period – tips to staying sober

Published 18 December 2020, in

From family gatherings, and increased exposure to drug and alcohol consumption, to a lack of routine and the ‘it’s Christmas’ excuse, relapse risks are heightened throughout the festive period, making it a time of dread for recovering addicts and their families. While easier said than done, it’s however recommended that recovering addicts or those struggling with their mental health, see Christmas as any other time of year. A…

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The Effects of Grief – Infographic

Published 2 December 2020, in

The effects of grief can be devasting at any age and stage in someone’s life, so it is important to understand how to hep somebody or yourself if you are struggling. Below is an infographic exploring the long-term damage experiencing grief as a child can have as an adult. How grief in adults can affect…

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