Celebrating a Sober New Year

Published 22 December 2021, in

The lead up to and the celebrations of New Year’s Eve are known for heavy alcohol and drug consumption. If you’re however looking for a different way to enter a new chapter, whether, for health purposes or to remain on track with sobriety, it can be tough to overlook the norms. Alcohol and drugs are so heavily associated with…

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Living with an Addiction at Christmas

Published 17 December 2021, in

Living with addiction, in general, can be challenging. Many uncontrollable factors can either progress or regress an addiction. Those factors become even more uncontrollable at Christmas, making the festive period difficult for addicts, recovering addicts, and their loved ones. Whilst there are some common challenges, which you may already be experiencing now, before Christmas day,…

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What are the benefits of Alcohol Inpatient Rehab?

Published 10 December 2021, in

Providing the epitome of flexibility, rehab can be experienced in two forms. Selecting between an inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab is expected through a private rehab facility. Both offer unique benefits; alcohol addiction recovery can be a comfortable and suitable process for each client. Offering 24/7 support, distraction-free environments, and a comprehensive experience, alcohol inpatient…

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