Anxiety Support During the Ongoing Pandemic

Published 28 January 2021, in

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has altered our lives and futures in many ways. Stress, worry and anxiety are all common emotions which have been experienced by the average person throughout the ongoing pandemic, making reality very challenging. National lockdowns, tight restrictions on social distancing and mask-wearing, feelings of isolation, concerns around money, wellbeing and…

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Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

Published 22 January 2021, in

In the same year, more than 7,000 individuals sadly lost their lives to an alcohol-related disease. While various alcohol-related illnesses have seen individuals across the country require medical treatment, alcohol poisoning is one of the most prevalent causes of hospital admissions. If you are worried that a loved one is at risk of developing alcohol…

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Food addiction – Impact on obesity

Published 14 January 2021, in

Obesity levels, on a global scale, are continually on the rise, even though now more than ever we have easier access to healthy foods, virtual exercise regimes and overall holistic techniques. In tandem with this, food addiction diagnoses are also establishing a trend in association with binge eating habits, increasing its familiarity as an addiction.…

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