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Since the pandemic began, mental health has been a big issue discussed by parents now home schooling and people adjusting to working from home. But one demographic that has been overlooked in regard to mental health because they are so busy is essential workers. The risks they are taking and their workload is affecting their mental health more than most.

Ways to Improve Mental Health for Essential Workers

The below infographic explores what essential workers are facing and a number of statistics about stress, the psychological and physical signs. The personal and professional challenges they are currently facing and some tips about how to help yourself if you’re an essential worker or someone you know.

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Raffa Bari - Author - Last Updated: 11 January 2021

Raffa Bari (Bsc, CertEd, CELTA, NLP Prac, BAAT) has an extensive background in addiction recovery, specialising in areas such as Integrative Art Psychotherapy (BAAT Registered) for addiction treatment.

Using her incredible dedication and passion towards personal transformation and recovery, Raffa has helped truly transform the lives of so many individuals.

It is this extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in everything to do with addiction recovery that makes her the perfect author for our site.

Raffa will be posting regularly with new updates and information on the latest industry topics to do with addiction and mental health.

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