How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

Published 26 October 2021, in

Addiction treatment can be sourced for free, via the NHS, or it can be paid for through private rehab. Whilst the first may seem like the better option, there are limited benefits to NHS treatment beyond its cost and convenience. Instead, for the latter, there are significant benefits linked to private rehab. Reasonably, the cost…

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The Role Of Fitness And Nutrition In Recovery

Published 22 October 2021, in

Addiction recovery is highly associated with detoxification and therapy. Rightly so, as they are leading and proven treatment options. Yet addiction recovery is a thorough, comprehensive process, with many different steps, goals and focuses to commit to. Fitness and nutrition are key focuses of the process, both supporting rehabilitation. Recognised as holistic treatments, both fitness and nutrition are…

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Mental Health and Addiction. Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Published 15 October 2021, in

Each year, approximately one in eight adults require treatment for mental health disorders. While many understand the impact of mental health disorders and addictions, an increase in the number of people attempting to ascertain whether mental health and addiction do go hand in hand has been noted. If you are hoping to find out more…

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