Top 10 Most Addictive Apps

Published 27 November 2020, in

Last year, the ten most addictive apps predominantly included gaming apps. However, during the previous 12 months, an increase in the number of people downloading and using social media and networking apps have surged. Once unheard of, social media apps have become an integral part of an individual’s everyday life. At the touch of a…

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How Covid-19 Lockdowns Could Impact Addiction In Students

Published 20 November 2020, in

And, while so much attention is being given to the importance of people maintaining in the best possible physical health, due to the nature of Covid-19’s symptoms, the vital importance of maintaining positive mental health during these times cannot be understated. One large sector that has been forced to quickly adapt to new Covid-19 lockdown…

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How to Look After Your Mental Health When Working from Home

Published 13 November 2020, in

Across the world, millions have felt the repercussions that the global pandemic has had on their mental health. From lockdown to having to work from home, over 69% of people in the United Kingdom alone have reported to be suffering with mental health disorders since the start of the pandemic. It can be further noted…

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