Are Alcohol Tremors Dangerous?

Published 17 May 2024, in

Drinking can have many effects on your body and life. If you develop a chronic drinking problem, you may find yourself experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop. This can bring about several symptoms, including alcohol tremors. Alcohol tremors can happen outside of withdrawal, and if you notice them, it may point towards bigger issues…

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Is it Dangerous to Stop Drinking Cold Turkey?

Published 26 April 2024, in

If you are concerned about your own drinking habits or that of a loved one, you may have considered the idea of giving up drinking alcohol. However, few know that for some individuals this could be very harmful to some people, especially in cases of long-term alcoholism. Here, we explain everything you need to know…

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Life in Recovery: Do Cravings Go Away?

Published 28 March 2024, in

When you’re in recovery from addiction, one of the toughest parts is handling the intense cravings that arise. This is especially true when you’re just new to sobriety. Everyone faces their battles when recovering, but cravings are actually quite a common struggle. In this post, we explore the nature of cravings during recovery, how they…

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What We Know About Addiction and Personality Types

Published 1 March 2024, in

The relationship between addiction and personality types is a well-researched topic within psychology and psychiatry. And, through this extensive research, it’s been identified that certain personality traits and types may be more commonly associated with a higher risk of addiction. But, what are they? And what does this mean in terms of substance abuse and…

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Are Alcohol Free Drinks Good For You?

Published 2 February 2024, in

Despite the UK being a nation with a large drinking culture, people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are more health conscious than ever. People are now more aware of the dangers of alcohol, and drinking habits have changed. The younger generations are drinking less, and the number of people who participate in Dry…

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When Does Substance Use Become Abuse?

Published 26 January 2024, in

In today’s demanding and fast-paced world, many suffer from stress and it’s not unusual for individuals to turn to substances like alcohol or drugs as a way to relax, cope and even escape. While casual use of drugs and alcohol may seem harmless, it’s important to note that it could soon become substance abuse, which…

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