Are you concerned about the amount of drugs or alcohol you’re taking? Are you worried you have an addiction? Do you live in the North West of England? If so, then Asana Lodge are here to help you.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab North West

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We can help you to break the cycle of your dependency on drugs or alcohol and to send you back to your life with a new mentality and a fresh mindset. Perhaps you’re concerned for the welfare of a loved one or colleague? We will be able to help you to help them with our holistic drug and alcohol rehab.

We offer an effective and reasonably priced drug and alcohol rehab in North West England. Our facilities are world-class and modern, and our caring and dedicated staff are exceptionally qualified to help you. Your long-term recovery is our priority and we will create a treatment programme that will treat you as an individual at all points of your recovery.

Please call us today on 01908 489421 and we can start to assist you straight away. We are sympathetic, will always show understanding and compassion and we won’t judge you for having a drug or alcohol addiction.

Unlike local NHS outpatient facilities, we’ll be able to begin your treatment without delay and you won’t have to wait for our services. After your initial consultation via calling us on the number above, you can be admitted to our rehab clinic straight away.

Please reach out to Asana Lodge today – the sooner you ask for our help, the sooner we can begin to make a real difference in your life.


Your Rehab in the North West

Ahead of your admission to an Asana Lodge rehab clinic in the North West of England, your pre-admission assessment will take place over the phone. This is to help us determine how severe your addiction has become and for us to learn about you, your physical and mental health and your past medical history. Once completed, we’re then able to admit you to one of our rehab treatment centres.

Once checked in, you’ll undergo a detailed physical and psychological assessment from our medical team. This is to ensure we have a complete picture of your health – both body and mind. This helps us to identify the root cause of your addiction and this is a vital part of your treatment.

Often, people suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction come into our care with an underlying mental health condition that has caused them to abuse substances in the first place. If you do have this dual diagnosis, it’s essential that all issues are treated, and your treatment will be bespoke and one of a kind.

It’s generally recommended that residential rehab is the best course of treatment for someone looking to free themselves of the influence of drug or alcohol addiction. This allows the opportunity for our clients to take a break from often difficult home lives and to fully envelop themselves in their recovery plan.

This also allows clients to remove themselves from bad influences which helps remove temptation. Our residential rehab isn’t cheap, but Asana Lodge offer fairly priced treatment without hidden costs.


Drug and Alcohol treatment

We recommend a 28 day period of residential rehab, though depending on the severity of your addiction you may need to be in our care for longer. After your assessments have been completed, you’ll undergo a period of detox.

This is to ensure that your body is free of the toxins that are caused by drug and alcohol abuse. This is a difficult part of the treatment as your mind and body will crave substances. This will manifest via a series of withdrawal symptoms. Some of these can be very dangerous and our staff will be on hand 24/7 to ensure your safety.

They will also be able to issue you with prescription medication to help you to get through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. This can take anything from 3-4 days to 16 depending on how you progress and on your dependencies.

When you’ve successfully completed detox, you’ll be able to continue your treatment programme. Asana Lodge’s treatment programmes are based on scientific, evidence-based treatments and our holistic treatments run alongside cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), one to one sessions and group therapy.

Many clients initially are not receptive to the concept of group therapy, but it is an ideal environment in which to share stories, coping strategies and coping mechanisms to prepare you for the return to your normal life.

Ultimately, you will get out of your rehab what you put in, and if your commitment matches ours then your treatment will be successful and the results long-lasting.

Avoiding a relapse

It’s a regrettable fact that a recovering addict is most likely to suffer from a relapse in the first twelve months following their rehab. Your aftercare is an essential part of your treatment because of this fact.

Before you leave our care, we’ll sit with you to draw up an aftercare plan in order to ensure that you have every opportunity to put into practice everything you’ve learned during your time at Asana Lodge.

We’ll advise you on how to avoid any previous bad influences (people and places), as well as giving you information on joining local group therapy sessions in the North West of England so that you can continue to share your experiences with fellow recovering addicts. There’s also a 24-hour helpline available.

We appreciate that making the first call to us is difficult. But we will not judge you or your circumstances. The first call is the hardest step, but it can set you down a new, brighter path, a path free of the control of drugs or alcohol.

Please call Asana Lodge today on 01908 489421 and let’s talk about your private drug or alcohol rehab. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can begin to help you.