Do you live in Southport and suffer with an addiction? Often admitting you have an addiction can be the hardest part of recovery. Asana Lodge has rehab clinics across the whole of the UK. Our luxury, private facilities are located in idyllic locations and offer residential treatment options.  

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Southport 

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If left untreated, addiction will only get progressively worse and can be fatal.

Your focus will shift to getting the next fix and your relationships will fall apart as friends and family drift further away.

You may lose your job and even your home. Without professional help, the chances of long term recovery are extremely slim.

At Asana Lodge, our dedicated and supportive team are on hand to provide you with guidance and advise throughout your treatment program. All you have to do is call, email or start an instant chat.


How Do I Know If I Have An Addiction?

Addiction is defined as something you have no control over doing and which becomes harmful to you. It’s a progressive illness, which means that it’ll only get worse if left untreated. Anyone can become an addict and addiction can be formed with almost anything, from shopping to work to substances such as; alcohol and drugs.

If you find that you can’t go 24 hours without consuming the substance you believe you’re addicted to, then you are without a doubt addicted. You will for habitual behaviours around that substance, which often causes relationships to break down. Friends and family often drift away at this point, as your focus shifts to achieving the next high. If it progresses far enough, you may even lose your job, home and, in extreme circumstances, your life.

Often asking for help is the hardest part of recovery, but without professional help you’ll not achieve long term recovery.

At Asana Lodge, we only use holistic treatments as we believe you must treat both the physical and psychological impacts and causes of addiction to achieve long term sobriety.


What Can I Expect From Residential Rehab in Southport?

Residential rehab in Southport is considered the most effective form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation since it removes you from the negative influences in your life that can trigger your addiction.

Spending 28 days in our luxury rehab centre in Southport, will provide you with enough reflective time to develop new habits, strategies for managing cravings and triggers and an action plan for your return home.

One of the benefits of residential care is that you have support from our dedicated staff 24 hours a day. Upon arrival our staff will give you a guided tour of the facilities and grounds, ensuring you can make the most of the amenities during your stay.

Upon arrival, you’ll undertake a medical examination, which will allow our medical professional to assess the length and severity of your addiction, as well as determine your medical history and current mental wellbeing. This assessment will be vital in determining the best treatment program for you during your stay.

Whether you’re looking to attend a rehab facility further away from your home, or you require a local option that allows you to still maintain contact with your friend and family support bubble, Asana Lodge’s rehab in Southport can tailor a personalised treatment program to you.


Our Holistic Approach

Without treating both the physical and psychological impacts and causes of addiction you will not maintain long term sobriety. All of our centres work with holistic, scientific, evidence-based treatment options. This means that all treatment programmes will combine detox with therapy.

Detox is always the first step in rehab, as it’s important to rid your body of the substances you are consuming. This process is delicate and must be conducted under medical supervision in order to manage withdrawal symptoms. The longer you’ve had your addiction and the more severe it is, the worse your withdrawal symptoms are likely to be.

Many people attempt to detox at home, but when the withdrawal symptoms start relapse usually occurs. It is important to note that detox can be a dangerous process to attempt at home without professional guidance.

After a couple of days, you’ll start your therapy program, which will consist of either one type of therapy or a combination. The different types of therapy include; individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, groups sessions, Satori Chair therapy and Intravenous Brain Restoration.

The aim of the therapy sessions is to give you the ability to understand your addiction, what your triggers are and to provide you with strategies to help you deal with life after rehab.

Diet also forms an important part of your rehab program, which is why when you arrive you’ll work with a nutritionist to determine a healthy diet for your stay that will compliment your rehab program.

Upon successful completion of your rehab in Southport, you’ll be provided with an aftercare package.


What Happens After?

The first 12 month after leaving rehab are the most challenging. You’ll enter back into your previous life, but will have to make some positive changes to resorts broken relationships, get back into work and eliminate the negative influences in your life.

This may seem like a daunting step, but our dedicated staff are on hand to provide you with guidance and support every step of the way.

We’ll introduce you to local support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, as peer support can be an extremely effective motivator and support network.

We can also provide family therapy to help mend broken relationships and even provide guidance and support with finances and employment.

This aftercare package is complimentary for the first 12 months.


Next Steps

If you believe you have an addiction and you’re looking for rehab in Southport, then the next step is up to you.

Even though this can be the hardest part, you need to reach out and commit to recovery.

Our rehab centres are designed to support and guide you through every step of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

You can call us, email us or start an online chat, either way by contacting us today you can kick start your journey to long term recovery and start to rebuild your life.