By visiting our website here at Asana Lodge, we will assume that you are struggling with excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol. Through this assumption, we will also presume that you are looking to rehabilitate.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Liverpool

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Through our approach here at Asana Lodge, we offer a realistic opportunity of full addiction recovery.

We target cognitive adaptations, functions and health first, known to increase embedded recovery motives. From here, the aim is for those motives to translate entirely, reaching holistic healing.

Naturally, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool may feel like the easier option. Yet, the aim is to make your long-term reality easier, instead of the initial rehabilitation process.

If you are willing to complete a time of change, of transformation, of unfamiliarity to reach sober living, to boost your prospects of long-term recovery, our rehab centre will be ideal.

Although our approach is very different to other drug and alcohol treatment centres, we’ve witnessed how following the evidence and research works in favour of our clients and their addictions.

We’ve also seen how implementing innovative addiction treatments causes less harm, while elevating physical and psychological health.

With this in mind, for a chance at all-round drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we have a rehab programme available with your name on it.


Why is Ongoing Drug and Alcohol Abuse Dangerous?

Any degree of substance abuse is dangerous. There are risks linked to consumption which the public are aware of. Yet, many individuals fail to understand the severe dangers associated with ongoing drug and alcohol consumption.

Initially, the thrill or buzz from addictive substances will be experienced. Here is where users will become hooked, down to false yet fulfilling effects. Once a dependence on those effects develops, the addiction cycle can rapidly spin.

As consumption becomes excessive, severe physical and psychological side effects are very likely. From cardiovascular problems, and organ failure, to mental health issues, long-term abuse can become serious down to the line. Yet the greatest concern lies with the strong association between drug and alcohol abuse and mental health problems.

Whilst drug and alcohol consumption increases, vast cognitive changes are likely. These changes do in fact mirror the side effects of common mental health issues.

own to this similarity, there is a high opportunity for a dual diagnosis to develop, along with an unbreakable addiction.

To overcome both illnesses can be very challenging, requiring specialist addiction treatment and long-term maintenance. Although we can offer this here at Asana Lodge, we hope to motivate users to stop as soon as possible, to avoid the above risks.


Recovering via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool

Here at Asana Lodge, we appreciate the attractiveness of recovering locally. There are in fact many benefits associated with recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool.

However, if you are experiencing the true signs of a drug and alcohol addiction, this level of familiarity can be challenging.

Down to this familiarity, residential rehab is recommended via our Towcester centre. Understandably you may have concerns regarding this move. However, we advocate residential rehab, with everything in place to ensure a comforting, homely and private rehab experience is available to all.

If you do have any reservations associated with moving from Liverpool, we are happy to assist.


The Benefits of Residential Care

Residential rehab may be a new idea to you. With this in mind, before you invest in a rehab programme, we recommend increasing your awareness of its benefits.

The key benefit of residential rehab is the space, distance and privacy you will experience. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a personal experience. Down to this, it is likely that you will thrive in a personal environment.

By removing yourself from current realities, influences and responsibilities, you’ll have the chance to focus on your withdrawal process. In addition, distractions associated with your drug and alcohol addiction will diminish by visiting our centre.

A further benefit is the range of support and addiction treatment you will receive. Mental health support, specialist psychological restoration and physical realignment are all important parts of rehabilitating. Through a generic outpatient rehab, this standard of addiction treatment will not be accessible.

Lastly, the personalisation of residential rehab is highly sought-after, known to substantially increase recovery rates.

Down to suitability, safe recovery and comfort, your susceptibility to addiction treatment should boost.


Recovering Holistically Here at Asana Lodge

Through our residential rehab programmes, we offer a unique approach to addiction treatment. We follow a holistic angle, ensuring that every aspect of addiction can be worked through and diminished.

Yet, we prioritise psychological restoration, realignment and support, down to the correlation between addiction and mental health issues.

With this in mind, throughout your treatment programme, you will complete traditional forms, including a detox programme and therapy.

Yet, contemporary treatment options will also be promoted, including art therapy and NAD+ therapy.

This combination of addiction treatments provides a secure opportunity to withdraw and revert to an optimal state, without drugs and alcohol. In addition, deep cognitive realignment will offer sustainable recovery at a greater rate in comparison to a standalone detoxification process.

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for drug rehab:

  • Provides an escape from potentially toxic environment or people
  • Can give you a fresh reset in life
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • May open up greater job opportunities
  • You may find a new supportive community
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The Importance of Mental Health Recovery

Mental health recovery also plays a large part in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you’re struggling with your mental health, whether that’s a pre-existing issue or a side effect, it can hinder your recovery capabilities. Down to their close association, both mental health issues and addiction must be worked through.

Following this evidence, we provide consistent mental health support to all clients, ensuring that negatives can be resolved, ensuring that outlooks can be changed, ensuring that both physical and psychological health can improve.

Although our approach to addiction recovery may be innovative and different, our results showcase the true capabilities of holistic healing. To experience this level of rehabilitation, we urge you to look beyond a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Liverpool.

Through an open mind, you will have a stronger chance of overcoming your drug and alcohol addiction here at Asana Lodge.