Did you know that drugs and alcohol cause short-term and long-term impacts on the brain? That’s right, your current side effects are likely to be for the short-term, showing themselves as positive, dopamine inducing impacts.

Yet, for the long-term, without control over drug and alcohol consumption, significant negative impacts are likely, on one of our most important organs, the brain.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wirral

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Unfortunately, many individuals who abuse high, consistent quantities of drugs and alcohol fail to understand the damages that they are enabling.

While substance abuse offers initial desirable experiences, it can materialise into an addiction, into mental health issues, into further physical health problems, and into cognitive cellular death.

Down to this, it is very important to understand your potential future with drugs and alcohol, and how you can put up a stop to it via professional rehabilitation.

At Asana Lodge, we are addiction and mental health recovery specialists, focusing vastly on brain functionality and repair.

We understand what it takes to recover on physical and psychological levels, helping to diminish a drug and alcohol addiction, holistically and safely.

Understandably, you may favour visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wirral as your next step.

However, to truly benefit from residential rehab, we encourage you to commit to greater distance and the benefits it offers.

Protect your brain, your future quality of life and your health by disabling drug and alcohol abuse.


Drugs, alcohol and the brain

Drugs and alcohol are highly addictive substances. Down their favoured characteristics, it’s easy to see how so many people rely on them, soon turning into an addiction diagnosis. Through this diagnosis, over time, many negative impacts are likely. Whether that’s on physical and psychological health, on careers, on relationships and on life as a whole.

However, one of the greatest concerns of ongoing drug and alcohol abuse is the damage they cause to the brain. Initially, substance abuse will target the body, influencing physical cravings. However, over time, a habit will form, a tolerance will build, and greater drugs and alcohol will be consumed.

Here’s where the brain will also start to rely on drugs and alcohol to experience those similar feelings, caused by artificial dopamine.

While for the short-term, drugs and alcohol may act as a coping strategy, in the long-term, they can cause mental health issues, addiction and cognitive damages. Memory loss is expected, feelings of depression and anxiety are expected, chronic psychological associations are expected, and the inability to form dopamine independently is expected.

Some impacts can be reversed. Yet, others cannot, resulting in a reduced quality of life.

Avoid this by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wirral, or better yet, our specialist rehabilitation centre, here at Asana Lodge.


Overcoming addiction from a drug and alcohol rehab in Wirral

Naturally, if you’re hoping to diminish your addiction, you may lean towards the most convenient rehabilitation option. In your case, that will be a drug and alcohol rehab in Wirral. While this commitment is much more positive than ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, it is however recommended that you consider your ability to recover locally.

Some clients can cope with familiarity, usually down to the fact that their triggers are personal, instead of social or environmental stimulus.

However, for those who are triggered by certain people, places, experiences or emotions linked to social/environmental stimulus, this level of familiarity can disrupt their drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

Down to this, if you’re struggling on physical and psychological levels, if mental health issues are prominent symptoms for you, or if you’re craving greater privacy, residential rehab will be advised, set away from the Wirral.

Many clients will argue that convenience is important to them. It is to everyone. However, it’s important to ask yourself, what matters to you most, initial convenience or your long-term recovery rates?


Selecting Asana Lodge as your home from home

If the latter is more important to you, you will benefit from calling Asana Lodge your home from home, set away from the Wirral, in Towcester.

By doing so, you will have access to the below valuable assets, not only reflecting the quality of residential rehab, but also our unique approach to drug and alcohol rehab.

Evidence-based rehab programmes
Our rehab programmes are formed around scientific evidence. As we understand the strong link between brain functionality, outlooks and drug and alcohol abuse, we assess each client, helping to form feasible and safe rehab programmes.

Safe addiction treatment options
We only utilise safe, highly endorsed addiction treatment options via our rehab clinic. We work with traditional forms such as detox, cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management.

Yet, we also bring in contemporary methods, such as art therapy, brain restoration and dual-diagnosis treatment. Addiction treatment options will be recommended on a personal basis.

Luxury facilities
Differing from a general drug and alcohol rehab in Wirral, we offer luxurious and relaxing environments. Yet the key benefit is the distance you can experience, along with privacy, set away from your drug and alcohol triggers.

Leading medical staff
We are proud of our medical team and addiction psychologists, working around the clock to offer the greatest level of care and safety.

Relapse prevention planning
Relapse prevention is a big part of drug and alcohol rehab. It safeguards future ability to avoid drug and alcohol relapse. In addition, having a relapse prevention plan will help clients psychologically, by feeling confident with impending recovery steps back in the Wirral.

Aftercare services
Your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey will continue once you return home to the Wirral. To ease this, aftercare services will be available helping you remain on track and enhance the progress you’ve already made through rehab.

By committing to residential rehab at Asana Lodge, you can experience the above value. Yet, the biggest asset is that you can work to revert the damage caused by drugs and alcohol on your physical and psychological health.

Return to a drug and alcohol rehab in Wirral with new skills, outlooks and wellbeing goals, ready to leave your addiction in the past.