Drug and alcohol rehabs in Nantwich continue to support individuals that have sadly become addicted to substances including drugs and alcohol.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Nantwich

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However, securing treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich can sometimes be difficult due to increased demand.

If you require drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment and find yourself forced to wait for treatment to become available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich, we can provide you with almost instant treatment at our residential rehab.

While you may have only previously considered attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich, if you find yourself having to wait for the lifesaving treatment you need, attending our residential rehab is highly advised.


Treatment At Our Residential Rehab

Treatment at our residential rehab located in Towcester is industry-leading.  Unlike drug and alcohol rehabs in Nantwich, we have curated a wealth of treatments that are only offered to our clients.

Focusing on the restoration of brain and body health, should you attend our drug and alcohol rehab, you will have access to a medically induced detoxification, rehabilitation, one-to-one counselling, psychotherapy, nutrition programmes and aftercare support.

Combined and incorporated into personalised treatment programmes, each of the treatments we offer to individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addictions have proven to be highly effective.

Not only will our treatments enable you to withdraw from substances in a safe and controlled environment, but our treatments will help you ascertain how you can mitigate the overall impact that your addiction has on your physical and psychological well-being.


Our Treatment Programmes Are Personalised To Your Needs

As touched on above, when you attend our drug and alcohol rehab for addiction treatment, you will find that you are provided with a personalised treatment programme.

To ensure that your personalised treatment programme can be devised, you will undergo a clinical assessment upon entering our rehab.

Although the thought of completing a clinical assessment may cause you to feel apprehensive, our team will be on hand to support you every step of the way.

Our medical team will ask you a few questions throughout your clinical assessment that will essentially help them understand how your addiction has affected you.  The questions asked will also shed light on the severity of your addiction.

Understanding how your addiction has affected you, our medical team and psychologists will work together to create your personalised treatment programme.

As noted above, your treatment programme will likely consist of a medically induced detoxification, rehabilitation, one-to-one counselling, psychotherapy and aftercare support.

Having completed your clinical assessment, our medical team will ensure that you are happy with the treatment that will be incorporated into your treatment programme.


Therapy Is Vital If You Are To Overcome Your Addiction

As you turn your thoughts to attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich, you may have uncovered that you will need to undergo therapy if you are to overcome your addiction.

However, for many reasons, the thought of progressing through therapy may leave you feeling nervous or even filled with dread.

If this resonates with you, you are not alone.  Due to stigmas and common misconceptions, many individuals that require drug and alcohol addiction treatment fear therapy.  As a result, many question whether therapy is truly necessary.

Although you may believe that completing a medically-induced detoxification will help you recover from your addiction, you must consider that addictions are psychological disorders.  Considering this, therapy is vital if you are to truly overcome your addiction.

From one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy to group therapy, therapy is administered in several ways at our drug and alcohol rehab.

Regardless of the therapy you are offered, you will soon find that therapy is nothing to be feared.  Instead, you will begin to appreciate the benefits that therapy affords.

As you undergo one-to-one therapy, you will come to realise that you have the space you need to reflect on your addiction.   You will also have the resources you need to distinguish what has caused your addiction to arise.  In turn, you will be able to determine how you can move forward with your life and make a long-term recovery.

Unlike one-to-one therapy, group therapy will provide you with the opportunity to share your struggles with other individuals that know exactly how you feel.  While you may initially be worried about doing so, you will eventually realise that doing so will benefit you greatly.  Not only will you be able to seek support from others, but you will have the opportunity to obtain guidance and advice.


Attending A Residential Rehab

As touched on above, as you begin your search for a drug and alcohol rehab in Nantwich, you may not have considered attending a rehab elsewhere.  Yet, due to waiting times, you may have found yourself with no other choice.

If you are open to attending a residential rehab, you will likely have a number of questions.  For example, you may question whether you will be able to return home after treatment.  You may also wonder why residential rehab is beneficial.

Should the above resonate with you, it may be helpful to know that attending a residential rehab provides much more promising results.  In fact, individuals that attend a residential rehab are more likely to secure a long-term recovery.  Individuals that attend a residential rehab are also less likely to relapse.

Although you will be unable to leave our residential rehab as you commence your treatment, you will be able to see your loved ones every week. While this may be disheartening to learn, please remember that leaving rehab even just for one evening could put you at risk of relapsing.


Contact Us Today To Secure Addiction Treatment

If you are ready to secure addiction treatment and feel that now is the right time for you to defeat your addiction, please pick up the phone and call us today.

Our admissions team will be on hand to provide you with the support, guidance and reassurance you will have been searching for.