Drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction can ruin an individual’s personal and social life within a surprisingly short period of time.

And yet, a worryingly high amount of people suffering from an addictive disorder can find themselves battling it for years on their own before they make the imperative step of reaching out for help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Walkden

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Avoidance of conversations about your drug use or alcohol consumption or downplaying the extent of your negative behaviour in pursuit of that next “fix” or drink are the hallmark signs of an addict in denial.

Coming to terms with the fact that you’re experiencing a problem with drug and alcohol abuse is a big step towards recovering — as that acceptance can put you in a position where you’re ready to take outside, professional help in conquering your addiction.

Seeking out serious professional help to see your way to overcoming drug addiction and/or alcoholism is the only way that you can realistically cultivate a long-term recovery from addiction.

The intensity, experience, and understanding of a course of residential rehab treatment (in particular at Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol rehab in Walkden) can provide you with the best possible chances of succeeding in achieving a long-standing sober existence.

Asana Lodge is ready to draw you up an addiction treatment plan specifically designed around your addiction needs and difficulties. Together we can break through your addiction, find out what resides at the root of your addiction (be it a traumatic experience or a painful repressed memory), and prevent you from relapsing by addressing all levels of your addictive disorder.

Waste no more time in delaying getting treatment, call Asana Lodge today on 01908 489 421 and we’ll help you get set up at one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres that the United Kingdom has to offer.


Being Aware Of The Signs Of Addictive Disorders

People who’re suffering from alcoholism, prescription medication abuse, or any form of addiction for that matter, can exhibit all manner of potential behavioural, emotional, or physical signs.

Understanding, recognising, and acting upon these signs can be of the utmost importance when helping both yourself and others get the help that they need with addiction treatment.

Rapid fluctuations in physicality, behavioural tendencies, and general demeanour are frequently known to be consequences of drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction.

For example, individuals may become irritated at the smallest of things, paranoid with no cause to be, confused at simple tasks, or struggle to make it through daily life — and, often, people can not realise that addiction is at the root of these issues.

More overt physical signs of an addiction can be the likes of skin discolourations, tremors, weight loss and/or gain over sudden periods of time, difficulty or inability in sleeping, frequently bloodshot eyes at all hours of the day.

While these may seem much more obvious to notice, once again someone in denial about their addiction may lie and say that they are the result of other forms of ill-health.

Marrying up these physical issues with the behavioural issues mentioned earlier can be a way to identify addiction within those in denial. As mentioned previously, each day that addiction maintains a hold on the body and mind of an individual, the deeper it takes root — therefore, getting someone suffering from addiction the help they need can be a time-sensitive issue.

If you believe that you have identified an addictive disorder in someone you care about, then you can call Asana Lodge’s helpline noted above and request help through our family and friend referral.

Intervening and prompting someone to accept they need help is no easy feat and requires professional advice, something which are able to provide.


Drug And Alcohol Treatment Through Asana Lodge

Our residential rehab centres opt for a specialised approach to addiction treatment, whereby your needs are put first and foremost.

Throughout the duration of your time at Asana Lodge’s industry-leading drug and alcohol treatment centre, various types of psychological and physical addiction treatment will be made available to you, all of which will be a vital part of cultivating a sober life that you dream about living.

Drug and alcohol detox is a normal initial treatment for those arriving at our facility. Detoxification with medical assistance means that the side effects you feel as a result of withdrawal are able to be monitored and controlled.

Withdrawal takes a lot out of a person, and the physical and psychological turmoil it instils in a person will often lead them to relapse. Our medical staff monitoring you and your symptoms will minimise your risk of relapsing.

One-to-one drug and alcohol treatment with a psychological therapist following on from your detoxification at our detox clinic will start to help us rid your mind of the influence of addiction.

DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) will allow our therapists to help you retrain your brain — in particular how it responds to addictive triggers and behaviours going forward.

Allowing your brain to learn how to cope with addictive triggers without resorting to substance use or alcohol consumption is a way that you can make sober life sustainable.


How Do I Not Relapse?

Relapse will always be a threat due to the nature of addictive disorders, but our psychological intervention and relapse prevention planning will make sure that you’re equipped to keep the risk of relapse minimal.

Asana Lodge also provides each and every one of our clients with twelve months of aftercare treatment. This will mean that we can check in with you over the course of your first year of post-rehab life and ensure that you are coping well with daily life

Our aftercare programme will support you whenever required with resources and counselling, making that all-important first twelve months in recovery a surefire thing.

Let yourself start a new life free from addiction thanks to the help of Asana Lodge, call us today on 01908 489 421.