If you’re considering the idea of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, you will have a few recovery routes in Blackpool to weigh up. Completing research and comparing multiple rehab avenues is the best starting point, ensuring that you can experience a rehab programme, fit for your needs, for your addiction makeup and severity.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blackpool

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Although any form of drug and alcohol withdrawal, although any degree of addiction treatment is better than ongoing substance abuse, completing this step is advised.

Each Blackpool based recovery route will carry varying success rates; some unfortunately ranking as pointless, while others providing great hope towards long-term recovery.

From free treatment services and outpatient rehab via a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool, to our specialist residential and holistic alcohol and drug rehab here at Asana Lodge, it’s time to embark on a prominent decision.

Here’s a round up of what to expect locally, along with our specialities here in Towcester.

Although our geographical location may not rank as conveniently as other recovery routes, potential long-term recovery rates completely outweigh this.

Turn the consideration of drug and alcohol rehabilitation into a secure possibility here at Asana Lodge.


Weighing up your options via Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Blackpool

As outlined above, weighing up all of your local recovery options and their potential success rates is wise. Many individuals jump into drug and alcohol withdrawal, without awareness of those options, sometimes selecting unsafe or unrealistic rehabilitation routes.

For most, free NHS treatment services will be a starting point. It is understandably why, down to our reliance on the healthcare service for physical and psychological health support and treatment.

However, through countrywide demand, there’d great pressure on the system, making it impossible to complete immediate and consistent addiction treatment; ranking as an unrealistic recovery route.

Next up is outpatient care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool. Offering greater structure and accessibility over free treatment services, remaining in Blackpool for professional and private addiction treatment can offer recovery results.

This recovery route is known for providing independence and flexibility while withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. For some, this can be a motivator, yet for those with physical and psychological side effects, this locality can be unbearable.

Lastly, selecting a rehabilitation programme, set away from Blackpool is a sought-after recovery route.

Through residential rehab, you can benefit from a greater distance, from intense streams of addiction treatment, from around the clock support and from a progressive and efficient rehabilitation process; available here at Asana Lodge.

Depending on your personal recovery goals, considering each popular recovery route is recommended.


Our approach here at Asana Lodge

If you’re hoping to surpass potential recovery rates via a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool, at Asana Lodge, we offer comprehensive residential rehab programmes.

Boasting significant benefits, as highlighted above, we offer clients a true chance to sustainably withdraw and rehabilitate from drug and alcohol addictions, and mental health issues.

Yet, the greatest benefit is our unique approach to addiction recovery. Differing ourselves from other drug and alcohol treatment centres, we follow scientific research when considering rehab.

We appreciate how all addictions vary; we understand how pre-existing weaknesses can trigger involuntary addictions. Down to this, we utilise science by completing clinical assessments on your admission.

Our clinic assessments help our team understand the root of your addiction, its causation and its makeup. By doing so, we can stand strong to recommend only safe and effective addiction treatment options, providing an efficient and secure rehabilitation process.

Unfortunately, many rehab clinics avoid scientific research. Many opt for generalist rehab programmes. Down to this, they fail to promote all-round recovery.

Yet, through our commitment, we can offer realistic and sustainable addiction recovery rates as a standard.


The importance of personalised rehab programmes

Through our above approach, we position ourselves to offer personalised rehab programmes. This level of care is very important, ensuring that deeper levels of recovery can be achieved, that addiction causations can be worked through.

Since an addiction results in varying diagnoses, side effects, experiences and rehabilitation journeys following a one-fits-all addiction treatment programme is unrealistic.

There’s a high chance that an important area of recovery will be missed, commonly resulting in drug and alcohol relapse risks.

However, by assessing each client, by providing addiction treatment recommendations on a personal basis, we reduce these risks significantly here at Asana Lodge; helping you return to Blackpool with strong recovery probabilities.

Since all addiction treatment recommendations will vary, a clear combination cannot be provided at face value. However, we utilise treatment options including drug and alcohol detoxification, brain restoration and psychotherapy, to art therapy and exposure therapy.

Your exact mix will be available post-assessment, on your admission into drug and alcohol rehab.

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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Aftercare programmes back in Blackpool

Understandably, many clients will hope to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Blackpool for convenience. However, for your initial rehabilitation process, convenience isn’t the priority; your ability to recover is.

However, convenience can be experienced post-rehab thorough local aftercare programmes. The decisions you make, the actions you take, and your drug and alcohol exposure post-rehab are very important. This is the true test of rehabilitating, showcasing your results from drug and alcohol rehab.

To help you on your way, aftercare programmes, with a focus on support groups and AA meetings will be encouraged.

This ongoing support provides accountability, motivation and further professional guidance as you return to life back in Blackpool.

In order to ensure that you can complete a steady stream of addiction treatment, convenience is key. Via a Blackpool based treatment centre, you will have continuous support to help with your transition.

Understandably, you may aim to weigh up further recovery routes. It’s imperative that you find the right one for you.

If you are keen to rehabilitate for the future, selecting our holistic alcohol and drug rehab will be encouraged, helping you tackle your causation and reduce future relapse risks.

Reach out today for further information on how we can support you through this challenging yet worthwhile process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.