Have you previously attempted to follow the cold turkey approach? Or maybe you’re thinking about withdrawing, alone, from drugs and alcohol? Although this is better than ongoing excessive drug and alcohol consumption, independent withdrawal attempts are discouraged here at Asana Lodge.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bolton

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There are many reasons for this, highlighted below, yet in short, independent withdrawal can be dangerous, ineffective and disheartening, carrying too many risks.

In place of this, if you are keen to recover, selecting a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton may be your next best steps. Yet, again, as highlighted, a specialist rehab clinic is recommended.

While we are set away from Bolton, we can accommodate both of these factors, by firstly offering a safe haven to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, while following a specialist approach.

Although residential rehab may not have been an option for you, we encourage you to keep an open mind and deliberate all of your potential recovery opportunities.

Through this mindset you will have a greater opportunity to experience optimal drug and alcohol rehabilitation, whether in Bolton or not.

Avoid the likely vicious circle, caused by independent withdrawal by trusting professional addiction support.


Why avoid Independent Withdrawal

Following a cold turkey approach is a common get-out strategy for users. However, through this decision, they will commonly lack an understanding of its risks.

If you are considering independent withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, at Asana Lodge, we urge you to reconsider your decision, based on the below.

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can be extremely testing. To breakdown a tolerance, drug and alcohol levels must be lowered.

By reducing this from 100 to 0, alone, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. Not only can these withdrawal symptoms be difficult to bypass, they can also cause physical and psychological health problems.

In addition, independent withdrawal in most cases will be unsuccessful. Down to the above unbearable experience of withdrawal symptoms, many individuals will give in. Further drug and alcohol consumption will take place, restarting the cycle of addiction.

Yet, this can cause ingrained psychological problems, from a lack of confidence in personal recovery capabilities, to devaluing the benefits of rehab. Those who experience this disheartening feeling are likely to develop a dual diagnosis.

Lastly, you’ll lack medical assistance, you’ll lack a tried, tested and recommended structure to follow. This can be a tough process to complete without guidance, without support of alternative addiction treatments.

However, the biggest downfall is that you will lack streams of addiction treatment to promote holistic healing. Although you may withdraw physically from drugs and alcohol, psychological associations will remain, continuing your addiction long into the future.

To recover safely, effectively and sustainably, either visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton, or our rehab clinic will be recommended; whichever works best for you.


Finding a specialist Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bolton

If you are opting for professional care, it is recommended that you select a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton. However, depending on your personal experience, this familiarity may still be too much.

Many individuals struggling with addiction will favour a rehab programme which offers distance and privacy.

This is beneficial, especially when considering psychological side effects from drug and alcohol abuse. With this in mind, residential rehab, set away will be beneficial.

On the other end of the spectrum, if localised recovery is possible but you’re struggling to find a specialist drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton, again we recommend you look further afield.

A generalist approach to addiction recovery will not offer the results commonly aimed for by recovering addicts.

You’re best searching for an expect facility, such as our holistic alcohol and drug rehab here at Asana Lodge.


Experience a Reliable Rehab Programme at Asana Lodge

At Asana Lodge, we pride ourselves on our reliability. By offering reliable recovery rates by securing fitting rehab programmes.

This is achieved by listening to the science behind addiction recovery, with a focus on cognitive responses. We assess your response to drugs and alcohol, helping to understand your underlying causation.

Through this activity, we manage to provide personal rehab programmes to each client, ensuring that safe and effective addiction treatment options are recommended, that the ideal delivery of rehab is provided, and the right level of support is encountered.

This, alongside our highly qualified team ensures that you can sustainably and reliably withdraw from drugs and alcohol.


Encounter safe and effective Addiction Treatment

As outlined above, we form personal rehab programmes, including unique addiction treatment recommendations. Those recommendations are on a per client basis.

However, the general consensus is that physical and psychological withdrawal will be required. With this in mind, detoxification and restoration are prevalent treatment options.

Additionally, you’ll advance through newer options to prepare you for life back in Bolton, such as NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy. The aim is to ensure safe recovery can be achieved, which we adhere to here at Asana Lodge.


Remain sober through Aftercare

Alongside our sought-after residential rehab programmes, we offer aftercare programmes. On your return home, you’ll still have access to professional support, helping you on your long-term recovery journey.

However, for convenience, this support will be available via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton. Here you’ll be able to fit support groups and AA meetings into your new schedule, helping you keep in touch with your drug and alcohol rehabilitation aims.

By completing both forms of addiction treatment, holistic and sustainable sober living can be realistic, even for those with chronic addictions.

Although a greater investment is required over independent withdrawal, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab is a must, it is a lifeline.

This is your best chance at recovering from addiction, providing you with everything you need, under one roof.

If you have any questions linked to our holistic alcohol and drug rehab, reach out today.

The aim is to promote freedom for all, which you can also work to, through residential rehab here at Asana Lodge.