Feeling worried, feeling uneasy, feeling lost and feeling doubtful, all in relation to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is normal. Right now, if you’re considering visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chester, or any rehab clinic to that matter, it’s very common to respond with vulnerabilities.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Chester

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You must remember that rehab is likely to be a new concept for you, which while it’s a positive step, offering an opportunity to recover from addiction, it’s also an unfamiliar step, promoting change.

With this in mind, you have a right to experience those concerns, you have a right to ask questions and gain full reassurance, and you have the right to spend some time finding the most suitable rehab programme for your needs.

That’s why here today at Asana Lodge, we’re offering some insight into some of the most commonly asked questions or shared emotions around drug and alcohol rehabilitation. While our treatment centre may be set away from Chester, we are a viable option for you, from start to finish of your rehab experience.

Learn about your feelings, digest your feelings and use your feelings to drive you forward through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Reach out if you have any personal concerns linked to your addiction recovery journey.


I’m finding it hard to accept support. Can you help?

Accepting support can be one of the greatest obstacles to rehab. This far, you may have managed alone, you may have worried about judgment, or you may have lived in denial, with the aim to protect your pride.

There are in fact many reasons why you may be struggling to warm to a degree of personal and/or professional support. Down to this, it is recommended that you work to define those reasons, firstly offering insight into your emotional makeup of addiction.

Once you do have an understanding of your armour and its intentions, you’ll also understand how to move forward with accepting rehab.

One way in which it can work universally, no matter your reasoning, is familiarising yourself with rehab, the type of support you can experience, and the necessity of support through a reputable drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

By reading our website at Asana Lodge, we’re here to help you. Yet can offer even greater support as a rehab clinic if you wish.


Is Private Recovery likely via a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chester?

There is a high chance that you will find a drug and alcohol rehab in Chester or within the surrounding area. Private and reputable drug and alcohol rehab clinics are dotted across the UK, in high demand to provide effective and personalised rehab programmes.

Down to this, yes, private rehabilitation will be likely for you. However, we do advise you to consider the level of privacy that you expect when experiencing rehab.

Of course, you will prospectively select a highly reputable, secure and safe rehab clinic in the Chester area, who will uphold your health and wellbeing. Yet addiction is a complex illness where physical and psychological associations are unpredictable and can run off in tandem.

You may therefore prefer to distance yourself from all routine, memories, experiences and emotions linked to your current life, in order to control those associations and aim for the greatest level of privacy possible through rehab.

This is a key benefit of residential rehab, at afar, which we offer at our Towcester based rehab clinic.


I’m unfamiliar with the process of rehab. Can you offer insight?

Rehab stands as an unfamiliar process, which is the most common reason for causing anxieties around its recommendation.

With this in mind, it’s very normal if you do lack awareness around the idea of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chester, and the probabilities of recovery, attached to doing so.

However, it’s also important that you work to boost the familiarity of your chosen rehab journey, helping you accept support and helping you feel at ease while beginning rehab.

At our rehab clinic, the process will begin with your admission, which will assess and define your needs, soon translated into a personal rehab programme.

That programme will guide the way, completely tailored to your requirements from rehab, from the addiction treatment services you’ll complete, to the support you require, and to the wellbeing sessions that will be encouraged.

Your personal process of rehab will be communicated on your arrival from Chester. Yet, generally, rehab will follow a process of detoxification, psychological recovery, efforts to improve wellbeing and quality of life, and relapse prevention.

We focus heavily on brain restoration within the milestone of psychological recovery, which will then naturally motivate psychological recovery and overall healing.

Usually, after a 28-day programme, clients will have advanced through the process of rehab, resulting in a post-rehab transition, to build a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle with sustainability in mind.

Support is offered from start to finish, the direction is offered throughout, and emotional stabilisation and protection are offered consistently to help you through the unknown of rehab.


I’m worried about my capabilities to complete rehab. Am I right to?

Doubting your personal capabilities to withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and complete rehab is again a natural response to the change that rehab induces.

Right now, you’re positioned within your comfort zone, no matter how challenging substance abuse may be. To leave that comfort zone, you will experience anxieties, testing your ability to remain on track. With this in mind, you are right to, to a degree, to worry about your ability to embrace rehab.

However, please do not let this overpower your confidence to commit to rehab. With commitment, with trust and with the desires to recover, you can complete rehab, you can benefit from it, and you can return to Chester with the independence to continue your recovery journey.


Will a detox help me recover?

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol will most definitely contribute to your recovery efforts. Physical withdrawal will reduce your cravings, revert your attachments and improve your overall health.

However, alone, detoxification will not be enough, as psychological restoring efforts are the key driving forces of addiction recovery.

Completing a detox will be necessary and will offer significant benefits. Yet, healing the mind will offer the greatest benefits of rehabilitation, leading organic healing energies towards your body, found through therapeutic addiction treatment services.

Detoxing should only be completed with medical assistance to hand, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Chester or here at Asana Lodge.

Accepting a detox should be one of your first steps of rehab, helping you let go and withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

Your worries will likely remain for some time. Yet, by working on boosting your awareness of rehab, and the right experience of it for your needs, you’ll soon feel reassured that rehab is for you, and that you can overcome your anxieties of addiction recovery.