All around the UK, we’re seeing some of the highest rates of drug or alcohol addiction. This kind of substance abuse affects people of every background, age, and race, addiction really doesn’t discriminate and contrary to many people’s opinions, addiction isn’t a choice.

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Drug or alcohol addiction is a complex disease which requires professional support to fully overcome. Addiction shouldn’t be perceived as a weakness or as something that only affects certain people. Anyone can be suffering from drug or alcohol addiction; therefore, everyone deserves access to the essential care they need to achieve long-term recovery.

Many people aren’t aware of the support that’s available to them or where they can go to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. There are various options available that all centre around a rehabilitation programme to help you break down your physical and psychological connection to the substance.

The best place to start is by contacting a rehabilitation centre either over the phone or via email, we can then offer you a full assessment and discuss all the treatment options that we provide at our private drug and alcohol rehab Sale.


Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Most of us are aware of the constraints and the ever-increasing pressure that the NHS is under. They’re seeing a significant strain on their resources which includes the council-funded rehab clinics.

With such an overwhelmed waiting list for patients to receive their services, they’re simply unable to meet this demand or provide a high-quality service which is personalised to each person. Of course, one of the great benefits of joining rehab through the NHS is that it’s free of charge, but if you’re not receiving an effective rehabilitation programme then it’s simply a waste of your time and efforts.

Whilst we appreciate that many people are put off by the term private, speaking to a private rehab facility will dramatically increase your chances of achieving an effective, long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

The associated costs reflect the high level of service you receive as each client is provided with a personalised addiction treatment plan with therapies carefully selected to benefit their recovery journey.

At our private drug and alcohol rehab Sale, we have an expert team of addiction specialists who provide you with an excellent personal service. They’ll guide you every step of the way as you undergo various therapy sessions, listening to your needs and ensuring you’re comfortable before moving on to the next phase.


Outpatient or Inpatient Rehab

When looking for a route to start addiction treatment, you can choose between outpatient and inpatient treatment. If you choose to undertake rehab treatment as an outpatient, you’ll visit a centre each day to receive your therapy sessions before returning home each night.

If you choose to join us as an inpatient, then you won’t return each night. Instead, you’ll stay with us at our rehabilitation centre for the duration of your treatment programme.

The choice between these two options is completely yours to make. We can of course advise on which method we think will benefit you most, taking into consideration your unique circumstances and the nature of your alcohol or drug addiction.

Outpatient rehab offers more flexibility as you remain at home, but the negatives are that you’re not recovering in a recovery-focused environment, and you could be open to more distractions or poor influences at home; this makes you more susceptible to experiencing a drug or alcohol relapse.

Whereas with inpatient rehab, you do have to commit to more time away from home, however, we believe the benefits to be much greater than outpatient rehab. You’re able to physically detach yourself from your current situation at home which could be a factor in why you’re still suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

By entering such a recovery-focused environment where you’re surrounded by addiction experts 24/7, as well as other people who are going through a similar situation to you can be extremely helpful in overcoming your substance abuse.

When you join our rehab centre as an inpatient, you’ll stay in your own private room with an en-suite bathroom. All your housekeeping, laundry and meals are taken care of so that you’re left with only one thing to focus on, your full recovery from addiction.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Whether you’re an outpatient or an inpatient at our drug and alcohol rehab Sale, we’ll create a tailored addiction treatment programme which we believe will provide you with the best results.

We will assess your physical and psychological health prior to joining our rehab centre, we’ll also take the time to get to know you and get to understand the reasons behind why you became addicted to alcohol or drugs in the first place. All this information helps us to create the most effective treatment plan possible so that you can achieve long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs.

We typically recommend that most of our clients receive a clinical detox as the first step in their recovery programme. An alcohol or drug detox is certainly the most effective way to remove harmful toxins from your body so that you can begin to cleanse in preparation for your psychological therapies.

Once you have successfully completed your detox by gradually reducing your consumption of alcohol or drugs in a safe environment, we will begin your therapy sessions.

With a mixture of psychological and well-being therapies, our excellent team deliver evidence-based therapies such as stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy (also known as CBT), psychotherapy, relapse prevention, mediation, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), mindfulness, relaxation and sleep management, art therapy, and fitness therapy.

A combination of these therapies alongside your drug or alcohol detox will ensure you have the best opportunity to fully recover from your addiction.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better and take the first step towards living a life free from alcohol or drugs, then get in touch with our admissions team at our drug and alcohol rehab Sale on 01908 489421 or at


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convince someone to go to rehab?

There is no set path to getting someone the help they need. You don’t know how people will react and it can turn into a very stressful situation. Getting educated about addiction as a disease, researching possible rehab options and looking for professional help are good ways to approach the topic. Having answers for possible reservations and being supported by a professional may put the person you are trying to convince more at ease and more amenable to the idea. The best thing you can do is to be understanding and avoid negativity.

How beneficial is residential rehab?

The intensive short burst nature of residential rehab quickly gets you clean and starts you on the journey towards remaining sober. Through residential rehab you will live and breathe the recovery lifestyle, learning tools and techniques to help you cope afterwards to introduce you to a support network that could last for years. With residential rehab, you can see you are not alone on your journey – an aspect of recovery that cannot be emphasised enough.

What happens after rehab?

After leaving rehab you will have access to one year of free aftercare which is focused on relapse prevention. Many people leaving rehab continue to attend support meetings and stay connected with former addicts to increase the chances of long-term recovery. Hopefully, during your time with us you will have learnt techniques and tips to help you deal with triggers and urges.