At Asana Lodge, we regularly get asked questions surrounding the normality of experiences, feelings and consequences of both drug and alcohol abuse, and rehab. Asking such questions is very important to learn what to expect of long-term addiction and of recovery.

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However, we must highlight that there are norms around addiction and the recovery of such addiction, those norms usually resemble the average. Every person is different, and while for one the normality of mental health symptoms may be present, this may not be the case for the next person. While for others, recovery may be achieved via a 28-day rehab programme, for others, a longer, intensive programme may be required.

As you can expect from different experiences of addiction and rehab, it’s therefore wise to source support from and invests in specialists, to help you through this unfamiliar time. We at Asana Lodge are equipped to help you turn your norm of drug and alcohol abuse, into comprehensive recovery, to benefit your future life.

Experience your own take of rehab by selecting our treatment centre, boasting the benefit of convenience, yet the distance of residential rehab. Instead of visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Crewe, this will be a strong route if you’re struggling with your emotions or thoughts.


I feel exhausted, is this normal throughout addiction?

Yes, exhaustion can be the result of a multitude of reasons, linked to addiction. Drugs and alcohol themselves can cause low energy levels, can reduce the stability of hormones, and can also impact mental health.

The consequences of addiction can also increase exhaustion levels, as the focus will usually be placed on consumption, over most everything else in life. Maintaining the addiction cycle can be overwhelming, can feel constant and can feel like an extreme burden.

Some individuals will not experience such severe exhaustion, yet on average, long-term drug and alcohol abuse is known to reduce the quality of life.


I feel scared about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Crewe. Is this normal?

Feelings of fear are normal when considering the idea of visiting a rehab clinic. This may be a new step for you, which can cause many anxieties.

While this response is normal, it is however important that you work to overcome such fear, as it can act as an obstacle when considering the acceptance of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. For example, by working out if you’re scared about visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Crewe, for its location, you’ll know to look elsewhere. If you’re fearful of rehab as an offering and are happy to remain in Crewe, you’ll understand that greater familiarity is required.

If you are worried about the locality of a Crewe based treatment centre, our rehab clinic will be ideal, providing both comfort and peace to focus on your recovery journey.


Is it normal to feel doubtful of my own capabilities?

Doubt is one of the most damaging emotions to feel, as it can hinder self-confidence and self-awareness. While it’s normal to experience worries over personal capabilities, it’s important to manage such outlooks, as confidence and acceptance are essential and need to be present when completing rehab.

By selecting a specialist rehab clinic, like ours here at Asana Lodge, you’ll experience a wealth of motivation and encouragement to help maintain your confidence. We hope that emotional support can help you see the capabilities of rehab and your own strength to work through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, like many other recovering addicts.


Will I follow a normal rehab programme?

We cannot provide accurate insight for if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Crewe, as the approach of rehab via each clinic will differ. Some rehab clinics do promote general rehab programmes, which touch on the norms of addiction.

We however look even deeper into addiction recovery, by considering the evidence surrounding rehabilitation. We do this with the aim to form and recommend personal rehab programmes to our clients, to tackle personal experiences with drugs and alcohol.

It is important to remember that on the surface, drug and alcohol exposure may have similar consequences for all addicts, resulting in consumption. Yet, internally, psychological responses will differ, all depending on the role that drugs and alcohol play. We look into this, to ensure that suitable addiction treatment services can be completed.

Alongside the personalisation of treatment programmes, we also focus on comprehensive recovery, which again will not be offered throughout every rehab clinic. We not only enhance experiences with fitting addiction treatment recommendations, but we also promote multiple routes of recovery to enhance life back in Crewe.

You can expect to complete traditional, non-traditional and holistic forms of treatment and therapy here at Asana Lodge, to ensure that you are treated as a person, human and individual, rather than a generic number.


How normal is it to worry about relapse risks, at the start of rehab?

If you’re yet to experience rehab, yet worry about the risk of relapse, this can be a normal response. There’s a high chance that you’ll be extremely passionate about change yet understand the realism of long-term recovery.

We must highlight how although relapse is something to avoid, if possible, risks are experienced, and even active results of relapse are experienced at a high rate for recovering addicts. It’s also important to remember that relapse can showcase itself in three different ways and doesn’t resemble the idea that most have. Relapse can be reverted and can be worked through, standing as a sign that greater treatment or concentration is required to reach the capabilities of long-term recovery. It’s in fact a warning sign to provide the capacity to continue through drug and alcohol rehabilitation efforts.

Via our rehab clinic, aftercare will be on hand to ease this time for you and manage your anxieties linked to relapse. We cannot guarantee this will be available through a drug and alcohol rehab in Crewe, which we encourage you to secure if you remain local for rehab.

While there may be an average experience of rehab, there isn’t a normal or expected route to addiction recovery. You’ll experience your own, personalised and proactive journey at Asana Lodge, which will benefit you, your addiction type and your future. Reach out with any questions you may have, along with working towards a new norm of sobriety for you.