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Are you suffering with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Addictions can very easily and very quickly spiral out of control and take over your life at any time. A drug or alcohol addiction can take away parts of your quality of life. There are so many people who suffer from alcohol and drug addictions all over the UK, so it’s important to know that you are not alone.

The best way to completely turn your life around and regain control of it is to attend a rehab centre where you will be surrounded by supportive people who understand your journey. Rehab allows you to detox and can help you get back on track to living a normal, healthy lifestyle that is free from drugs or alcohol.


What Kind of Treatments Will You Have at a Rehab Centre?

When you go to rehab, you will not just receive any old generic treatment plan. Your treatment will be completely customised and will be built for just you. There are many different types of treatments and therapies that you will go through in rehab.

Your treatment plan will include a combination of treatments and therapies that focus on your personal recovery goals and that will help you make the fastest and most effective recovery possible based on your unique circumstances. No two addictions are ever the same and the staff in a rehab centre will take this into account and create a plan that is built just for you.

In rehab, you are surrounded by kind, caring, and supportive staff. The staff in rehab with work with you on a one-to-one basis and in group sessions as well. The staff members in a rehab all have a lot of experience working with people from all background and with all types and severities of addiction.

This means that, no matter what your circumstances are, the staff in the rehab are able and prepared to help you on your journey towards recovery form your addiction.

The fact that your treatment plan is completely tailored to you means that you have the best chances of succeeding with your recovery and sticking to it on a long-term basis. Rehab treatments will help you to open your eyes and realise the effects that addiction is having on your body and your mind.

You will learn the effects that your addiction could have if you continue with it and you will learn all of the reasons why recovery is so important. These eye-opening realisations can help to motivate you towards making a complete recovery and never turning back to drugs or alcohol.

When in rehab, you will also learn how to get back on your feet when you leave the centre. You’ll learn all of the best ways to stick to your goals and how to avoid relapsing. You will also receive career help, relationship help, and you will receive aftercare when you return home to ensure you keep up with your recovery when you leave the rehab setting.

Below is a list of some of the most common treatments that you can expect to receive in rehab. Your treatment plan may include some or all of the following:


  • Group therapy sessions
  • Leisure activity sessions
  • Medications to help with difficult or severe addictions
  • Creativity sessions
  • Individual counselling sessions
  • Group counselling sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Talent building and discovery sessions
  • Educational training
  • Sessions for life skills training
  • Gym and exercising sessions
  • Alternative therapies such as yoga
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • One-to-one therapy sessions


Addiction and The People Around You

If you are unsure whether you should attend rehab, you should think about how your addiction may be affecting others. Although you will already probably know the devastating effects that the addiction is having on you, you may not even realise that the people around you could also be suffering due to your addiction.

People all over the world suffer from addictions and people will deal with a respond to those addictions in different ways. Addictions can break apart families and tear friendships apart.

Your addiction may even have such an effect on your relationships that it ruins them beyond the point of repair. Family and friends are often left feeling helpless when it comes to watching you suffer with your addiction. Repeated efforts to help you will often be completely rejected and this can cause a lot of problems with those closest to you.

If you think that your addiction may be affecting your life and those around you, then other people will begin to notice it to. You will most likely change as a person due to your addiction and this can make people not want to be associated with you anymore. Some people find it easier to walk away from a situation that they can’t control because it’s too difficult to watch you continue in that downward spiral.

Once you lose those closest to you, that can become very dangerous. You may start to associate with other addicts or people who are a bad influence.

This will simply push those closest to you away even further and will ultimately result in the addiction becoming much worse. As you lose your friends and family, you will probably start to become very lonely, and this could make you start upping your intake of the substance you’re addicted to, making the problem worse.

Your addiction may also affect you at work. If your job is your main or only source of income, then that money form your job is likely funding your addiction.

If your boss or someone else at work finds out that you’re an addict, this will most likely not end well. Many addicts can find it quite easy to hide their addiction, but as soon as someone finds out, the negative spiral will be fast and devastating. You could lose your job, your friends, and even your home.

Rehab can help you rebuild your relationships with those who matter the most. It’s never to late to rekindle a broken relationship. As soon as your friends and family see that you are trying to recover, they will be overjoyed. Family counselling sessions in rehab are great for helping to rebuild your broken relationships so that you can go back to having a network of people that you trust and can rely on.