Selecting the right rehab clinic, programme and experience can be an overwhelming process. There are a number of factors to consider, to ensure that you will encounter a worthwhile drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.

It is also difficult as there are a large number of different rehab clinics, approaches and treatment services now available; some suitable, and others not.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lancashire

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Down to a wide range of options, it is recommended that you personally consider your expectations and needs, by also comparing all accessible rehabilitation options. By considering our rehab clinic, we urge you to compare this to a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire, helping you secure the most fitting, safest experience.

Alternatively, we can complete a free, confidential assessment of your addiction, ultimately highlighting your needs via rehab, helping you with your selection.

Suitability is key when completing the challenging process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Ensure that you select a rehabilitation centre which offers personal rehab programmes. Yet, most importantly, a rehab clinic which will cater to your needs and type of addiction.

Reach out for more information on our Asana Lodge rehab clinic, helping you look beyond the downfalls of localised addiction recovery.


The Benefits of selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Lancashire

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire will offer many benefits for you. They will mostly be around your initial transition to drug and alcohol rehab. With that said, comfort will be a sought-after benefit, helping to alleviate the initial anxieties of rehab. Through localised recovery, home comforts will achieve this feeling for you.

A second benefit is that you can experience family therapy on a greater scale by selecting a Lancashire based rehab clinic. Family involvement can improve your initial rehabilitation journey. Yet, it will mainly improve your post-rehab experience, by strengthening your support system back in Lancashire.

However, one of the greatest benefits of localised recovery is that you will build familiarity and trust with your dedicated addiction counsellors, ready to experience on an aftercare basis during weekly Zoom sessions. Your experience via aftercare can either help or hinder your long-term recovery capabilities.

Through greater familiarity, you’ll be steps ahead, feeling comfortable when relying on aftercare services.

There are many benefits to selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire, accessible to you. Yet, you must consider the downfalls of localised recovery, which can be resolved via residential rehab here at Asana Lodge.


The benefits of looking beyond localised recovery

On the other end of the scale, there are many benefits available to you by selecting residential rehab, beyond a Lancashire based rehab clinic; exactly what we offer at Asana Lodge. While we cannot offer your exact home comforts, we can, however, provide a comfortable, personal, relaxing and luxurious environment, standing as a key benefit.

Yet, our environment also provides a neutral setting, known to advance the acceptance of rehab at a rapid speed.

A further benefit is that you can remove yourself from influential triggers. Many clients, suffering from addiction will experience environmental or social triggers, fuelling drug and alcohol abuse. This can be anything from a relationship to an event, to a certain location.

By removing yourself entirely from that reality, your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process will feel easier.

Yet, the greatest benefit is that you will have the ability to experience our specialist approach to rehab here at Asana Lodge.

We offer services at a significant quality, way beyond the offering of a generic drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire. We specialise in addiction recovery, yet with a focus on physical and psychological rehabilitation.

We follow the evidence, we utilise leading addiction treatment endorsements, and we provide a second chance through greater quality of life.

While our rehab clinic is set away from Lancashire, based in Towcester, we can help you bypass the challenges linked to localised recovery, while offering the value of residential rehab.


Selecting the right drug and alcohol rehab for you

By considering the above rehabilitation options, it’s now time to focus on your needs and expectations of drug and alcohol rehab. It’s also important to weigh up important assets for you.

For some clients, their initial experience will take priority. Others will highlight the importance of their long-term recovery capabilities. Whatever your priority may be, it is important that you run with that when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

Yet, the best way you can secure a worthwhile rehab experience is by sourcing a clinic which promotes personal rehab programmes. Through this approach, you will have knowledge that your needs can be met, and that the makeup of your addiction can be treated effectively.

On offer here at Asana Lodge, we provide personalised rehab programmes while following an evidence-based, unique approach, standing as the first and only private residential rehab in this specialism.


Our approach at Asana Lodge

Here at Asana Lodge, our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is different. We understand the impact that psychological responses, caused by drugs and alcohol can have on an addiction diagnosis. We also appreciate how biological, pre-existing weaknesses can increase addiction rates, organically.

In addition, we also recognise how varying triggers, all from different angles can influence personal abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Down to our understanding, we let the science speak for itself by completing cognitive assessments. Through these assessments, we can then treat your exact type of addiction with confidence and reassurance. We utilise a range of traditional and contemporary treatment options to activate this step.

While cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management and detoxification are common, we also endorse treatment options which are rare, such as art therapy and sauna therapy. Here we can truly tackle personal associations with drugs and alcohol.

Through our approach, we can secure strong recovery rates, ready for your return to Lancashire. It is important that you also look into this when considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancashire itself. Once compared, you’ll have the most effective rehabilitation journey in mind, ready to support your transformation.

If Asana Lodge is right for you, reach out today to experience the benefits of our unique, residential approach to rehab.