At Asana Lodge, we commonly receive questions focusing on whether clients should experience rehab, whether they should commit to what’s ahead, or whether they should change. Our approach is to take action, our approach is to promote transparent recommendations, and our approach endorses change.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kendal

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It’s understandable if you’re doubting your ability to recover. It’s natural if you’re unsure of your next steps, and whether visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kendal should in fact define that. It’s also realistic if you have a lot of ‘should I’ questions for our team.

Please be easy on yourself through this time as, while you may know you want to recover from addiction, the taking action part can be overwhelming.

We are here to reduce such feelings, to offer clarity and to provide you with a comfortable journey to work towards your recovery goals.

Instead of questioning your next steps, we will provide you with direction throughout your admission, throughout your drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme, and throughout aftercare.

Sourcing answers to your questions is wise, to provide familiarity and awareness of rehab. Yet please do not let your worries or enquiries hold you back. Below are some of the questions we receive which may resonate with you around addiction recovery.

We hope that by sharing them, that your confidence and trust in yourself, in rehab, and in addiction recovery can grow, to help you take action.


Should I be worried about my drug and alcohol consumption levels?

This is a personal question. Ultimately it depends on how consistent, how severe and how prevalent your drug and alcohol consumption are. Have they increased over time? Are they so consistent that it’s taking over your life? Are you experiencing side effects from excessive drug and alcohol consumption?

If your health, lifestyle or quality of life have been affected by drugs and alcohol, this is a sign for concern. However, we do not want to worry you, as your habit may or may not reflect an addiction, meaning that the worst-case scenario isn’t always the result.

Yet, it is also important that at this point, that you source professional support as in the event of an addiction, drug and alcohol rehabilitation steps will be encouraged with urgency.

You’ll truly know whether your drug and alcohol consumption reflect the norm, or whether your norm is becoming out of control, requiring intervention.


Should I look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Kendal?

If you are worried about your consumption or already display signs of an addiction, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Kendal can be a proactive step to take. Support and treatment at this point will be necessary to alleviate your symptoms, help you manage your symptoms, and reach a state of addiction recovery.

It is however important to remember that you can visit any private rehab clinic, no matter its location, as long as it’s accessible for you. We encourage our clients to look outside of the location box, and instead aim to select a rehab clinic and programme which stands as suitable.

Consider your needs, your budget, the type of care you’ll benefit from and the type of approach you accept the most when looking for a rehab clinic to visit.

If you’re open to looking outside Kendal, our rehab clinic here at Asana Lodge is suitable for most, offering personalised experiences of residential rehab, drug and alcohol detox, and aftercare.


Should I commit to residential rehab?

Residential rehab is the greatest form of rehab, down to its contents, its urgency and its safety. If you’re suffering from an addiction, most definitely, committing to residential rehab will be urged.

This can be experienced via an alcohol and drug rehab in Kendal, even if recovering close to home from a treatment centre may seem silly.

However, for the greatest experience of residential rehab and the distance and peace that it provides, selecting our Towcester based rehab clinic will be advantageous. Through this option, you can look to benefit from consistent care, intensive addiction treatment services, safe environments and a personal rehab programme.

Yet you can also look to encounter physical and psychological distance from your drug and alcohol triggers, from the opinion of others, and from many risks of localised recovery.

No matter your location, residential rehab will be best down to the urgency that it works to. Outpatient rehab, while carrying benefits of flexibility can take much longer to complete. Yet at Asana Lodge, through a residential programme, a 28-day goal will be set, followed by aftercare efforts.


Should I prepare for rehab?

Yes, preparing for rehab will benefit you in a number of ways. It will ensure that you have the resources and support to commit to residential rehab. Planning will also make your rehab journey seem more real, helping to boost accountability.

Psychological preparations, such as developing your mindset, controlling your thoughts and understanding what’s ahead will provide you with greater acceptance levels and trust in drug and alcohol rehab.

Such steps should be completed before your admission into rehab. This encouragement will be set, even if you select a drug and alcohol rehab in Kendal, to boost your expectations and acceptance.


Should I look to change my lifestyle?

Change will naturally happen through drug and alcohol rehab. Yet in order to sustain sobriety, making changes to your lifestyle back in Kendal will be recommended. Small changes can in fact have a significant impact, from your nutrition to your sleep.

It is important to consider your current lifestyle and how it may be fuelling your drug and alcohol consumption. Are your relationships toxic, influencing the need for an escapism? Are your eating and sleeping habits unhealthy, heightening the need for more energy?

Do your environments allow for drug and alcohol abuse? Whatever may be influencing your drug and alcohol consumption will need to change in order to sustain sobriety.

Aftercare services will be available here at Asana Lodge to assist with such change.

Knowing how, when or why to move forward through drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be tough. With our guidance, we hope that you feel comfortable in taking action, whether with our backing or via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kendal.

To truly recover, taking action is necessary, to commit and work through rehab, aftercare and sober living.