Have you found yourself to be looking for a reputable, welcoming, and, most importantly, effective drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle — or the Carlisle area?

Perhaps you have recently been noticing that you are struggling to remain in control of the level of alcohol and/or drugs that you have been consuming lately? Or, are you perhaps researching rehabilitation for a loved one and looking for a friend and family referral scheme?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Carlisle

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Well, if you have answered “Yes” to any of the above, then Asana Lodge’s drug and alcohol treatment service in Carlisle will be able to help. If you take advantage of a recommended 28-day course of drug and alcohol abuse treatment, then you will be able to start putting your dark days behind you and begin enjoying a life free from the daily pain and struggle of addiction.

While private rehab may be perceived by people as something which is financially unattainable, here at Asana Lodge we want to make sure that we can accommodate anyone’s budget and get everyone the help that they need.

At our rehabilitation centre, you will also not have to face long wait times or delayed treatment, which is something that you may experience if you attempt to get addiction treatment through the sadly underfunded NHS.

If you’re still unsure about attending a private residential drug and alcohol rehab then hopefully the information below will help convince you that this is the right decision for you to move forward with your life. However, you can also contact our helpful staff at any time on 01908 489 421 for an obligation-free conversation about our facility and process.


With Asana Lodge You Will Be Able to Have A Unique Treatment Experience

Asana Lodge’s addiction treatment specialists completely understand that not everyone’s road to recovery will be the same. Each person who is struggling with substance abuse or alcohol abuse faces their own personal struggles and reasons as to why they have found themselves in this dark place. Therefore, we strongly believe that for you to achieve the best possible recovery, you need to be seen as an individual and treated as such.

When you first call our hard-working helpline staff and express a desire to start a course of treatment at our centre, they will perform a brief interview.

This interview will include some questions which will help us to ascertain your current financial requirements, accessibility needs, your current medical condition, your medical history, and gauge your commitment to actually recovering.

This last point is important as, while we will help you to achieve a successful long-term recovery, you will also have to be committed to getting better to see the best possible recovery become your reality.

Our team of addiction treatment staff will then use this information to help curate a roadmap to your recovery. Understanding your current medical state and medical history will provide invaluable insight into making sure that you get the best blend of physical and psychological addiction treatment, as well as ensuring that you experience the most personalised drug or alcohol detox period in our detox clinic.


Long-Term Recovery Is Possible With The Benefits Of Residential Rehab

While private rehabilitation isn’t necessarily the cheapest way to recover, it will help you to focus completely on your recovery by allowing you to be completely immersed in your recovery programme.

Our facilities are luxurious, spacious, and filled with supportive staff, which will provide you the best environment to focus on wellness, while you also benefit from having temporarily removed yourself from any negative influences which may be contributing to your drug or alcohol abuse in your day-to-day life.

It is also vital when you’re trying to conquer a persistent drug and/or alcohol addiction that your addiction treatment sessions and therapies are focused and consistent. Therefore, by being in a facility where your addiction treatment and therapy is able to be monitored constantly, this will be more easily attainable.

When you arrive at our drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle, your first port of call will typically the detox clinic. Our state-of-the-art detox clinic will help to alleviate the worry and discomfort that can be associated with drug or alcohol detox.

We will ensure that the time during which you are experiencing detox, you are constantly monitored by medical staff and any side-effects that you present with can, and will, be treated with appropriate medication.

Detoxification, in particular alcohol withdrawal, is an exceptionally dangerous process, and so experiencing it without the support of our detox clinic’s medical staff is not something we can advocate in good conscience.


Therapies, Treatments, And Aftercare Programs Will Help Complete Your Recovery

After our staff have helped you to carefully and healthily lower the amount of dangerous toxins in your body, your body and mind will then be primed to start addressing the underlying issues and medical conditions which may be contributing to your addiction.

By treating the physical and psychological underlying causes of your addiction, and addressing any and all contributing factors to your addiction, will be the way that we prepare you to spend the rest of your life sober.

Due to the fact that we personally tailor all of our treatment plans, it will be impossible to say what sequence of treatments and therapies that you will benefit from while you stay at one of our facilities. However, please find below some of our more commonly implemented treatments and therapies that you will likely experience a blend of.

  • One-to-one therapy with a professional therapist.
  • Group therapy.
  • Relapse prevention training.
  • Art Workshops.
  • Family drug support coaching.
  • Nutritional classes.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
  • Dual-diagnosis therapy.
  • Stress management coaching.

Finally, you will also benefit from a complimentary one-year aftercare program, which will be specifically designed and structured to help you to stay clean and sober once you are back in your home environment.

Hopefully, you will now be assured that private residential drug and alcohol rehab in Carlisle is the right option for your recovery.

Contact us today on 01908 489 421 to set in motion your recovery journey with Asana Lodge.