If you’re finding it hard to overcome your addiction to alcohol or drugs, then it’s not too late to seek professional support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Eden

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve made an unsuccessful attempt to rehabilitate before, don’t be discouraged to try again.

If you haven’t tried to recover with the support of a private drug and alcohol rehab in a residential setting, then you really haven’t given yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

Our rehab in Eden provides this service with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in addiction, supported by fantastic facilities and addiction therapies which continue to prove their effectiveness.

Hopefully, you’re reading this as you’re considering seeking professional help for your drug or alcohol addiction or you’re researching on behalf of someone close to you.

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If this is the case, then it’s important that you understand what’s required of you when you begin a comprehensive addiction treatment. You must be prepared for your physical and psychological therapies and ready to alter your behaviours if you wish to achieve your freedom from addiction.

Of course, we appreciate how challenging it can be to acknowledge your addiction, not only to others but also to yourself. Addiction is a very serious condition which can impact every aspect of your life, it can even end your life, so it must be taken seriously.

The truth is that addiction can cause severe physical and psychological health problems, some of which could be irreversible. Now is the time to make the right decision and dedicate your time and efforts to making a significant change to your lifestyle.

Our rehab in Eden can help you understand the underlying reasons behind your addiction and the triggers which come with it, allowing you the opportunity to rid your life of drug and alcohol once and for all.


How do we decide which Therapies to offer?

We will always feature a combination of psychological and well-being therapies for our clients, as this has long proven to be the most effective way to treat addiction.

Our exceptional team are able to deliver a number of psychological therapies including drug or alcohol relapse prevention, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, stress management, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), individual and group counselling, and drug or alcohol detoxification.

We also provide well-being therapies to complement your psychological therapies, these could be relaxation and sleep management, low level laser therapy, acupuncture and acu-detox, mindfulness, art, drama, and music therapies, yoga, fitness therapy, and nutritional supplement therapy.

Once you’ve contacted our admissions team over the phone or via email, we’ll take you through a pre-screening assessment to review your physical and psychological health and to also get to know you better. This assessment is essential as it helps us to tailor a drug and alcohol rehab programme to your specific needs.

As well as providing industry leading addiction treatments, our team will also take care of your laundry, housekeeping, and provide you with nutritious daily meals to aid your long-term recovery.

Of course, your residential rehabilitation treatment is integral to your success, but it’s also essential that you follow a bespoke aftercare programme to make sure you stay on track with your recovery once you’ve returned home. This is why we provide all of our clients with a free aftercare plan for 12 months after they’ve left our rehab in Eden.

This first year after completing your residential treatment, is when you’re most likely be tempted to relapse which is why we offer ongoing relapse prevention sessions in addition to any other therapies which would be beneficial for your continued recovery.

We can also suggest local support networks like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous which give you a safe space to share your experience with others who are going through a similar situation; this is a great environment to share and feel supported by your peers.


How do we decide how long your Addiction Treatment lasts for?

This is completely dependent on the severity of your addiction and on your personal circumstances, however, we typically recommend a 28-day programme for most people.

Throughout your stay at our rehab in Eden, you’ll spend the first part of your time in our detox clinic undergoing a full drug or alcohol detoxification. Once you’ve completed your detoxification followed by your psychological and well-being therapies, you’ll be well on your way to achieving long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs.

Each person that we support has a unique journey into how they became addicted to alcohol or drugs, so we must expect every person’s recovery journey to be just as unique.

Our job is to listen, support, and guide you along your journey to ensure you get the most of our addiction treatment whilst in a safe and recovery focused environment.


Is Aftercare mandatory?

As we explained above, all of our clients will automatically receive 12 months free aftercare support. We can’t force you to take advantage of this, but it is highly recommended to ensure you get the best possible experience from our drug and alcohol rehab.

Returning home can be quite an overwhelming experience after spending so much time at our recovery focused rehab centre.

You’ll need to remain calm whilst you adjust to your new behaviours and find the best way for yourself and for your family to continue your rehabilitation at home.

Our aftercare team will be there to help you whenever you need it with dedicated helplines and additional therapy sessions available as needed. We’re happy to extend our support to your family and friends should you wish for them to be involved in your long-term recovery.

Contact us today to ask any questions you may have or alleviate any concerns about our drug and alcohol rehab Eden. Call us on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com for more information on our expert addiction treatments.