There are many misconceptions around addiction, around the idea that excessive drug and alcohol abuse are an active choice, and around the capacities of rehab.

Through those misconceptions, which is what they are, incorrect and unreliable opinions of addiction and the recovery of, many individuals have fallen victim to stigmatisation, of a lack of support, and of devaluing rehab as a recovery option.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wigan

However, by visiting our website here at Asana Lodge, you’ll get the truth behind addiction, as a complex brain illness, and in turn, the capabilities of rehab as a viable recovery option.

Straightforward drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation experiences do not exist, down to personal experiences, down to internal responses which cannot be controlled, and down to rehabilitation selections and susceptibility rates.

However, what can be recognised is that a suitable rehabilitation journey will tackle the characteristics of a drug and alcohol addiction, to any degree, busting the fabrications around the addiction recovery stigma.

You can overcome the stigma attached to addiction and mental health issues, you can experience the truth of rehab, and you can encounter your own suitable take on rehab with our support.

Select our approach when searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigan, while located away, we stand as a suitable treatment centre, with a difference, making the distance worth it.

Avoid giving in to the opinions of others, avoid the mass stereotypes surrounding addiction diagnoses, and avoid the downfalls that many have experienced by allowing the untruth to control their future with drugs and alcohol.


The truth about Addiction

To onlookers, drug and alcohol abuse is a choice. On an initial basis, we do support this opinion. Drug and alcohol consumption are physical actions, which are enabled by the user. However, the ongoing abuse of drugs and alcohol isn’t a choice once physical and psychological attachments form which defines an addiction diagnosis.

An addiction can and will impact any individual who misuses drugs and alcohol excessively, and for the long-term, as a coping strategy, as a respite from life, as escapism from pain or mental health issues, and as an emotional gap.

Any individual across the globe, no matter their previous choices with drugs and alcohol, no matter their mental health state, no matter their age, gender, ethnicity or culture can be affected by addiction.

The controlled choice of drug and alcohol consumption can soon turn into an uncontrollable brain illness, triggered by social, environmental, biological, psychological and even spiritual influences. This is why it is a challenging condition to tackle, as there are ingrained attachments to drugs and alcohol, based on triggers, cravings and the role that they play.

Unfortunately, many individuals see addiction as a choice, as a controllable and easily diminishable illness. When in fact, it is the complete opposite, down to the toxicity and addictive traits of substances such as alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs.

All it takes is for the positives of drugs and alcohol, to be paired with a biological imbalance, with negative emotions, or with a previous experience to develop the cycle of addiction.

If you’re suffering please know that this isn’t your fault, yet you can gain accountability over your addiction by visiting our drug and alcohol rehab clinic.


Tackling the truth via a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigan

You can work towards the truth of addiction and the recovery, by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigan. This is a viable option, standing as localised recovery for you. While this is a convenient recovery option, it can however be challenging if you are already influenced by the untruths of addiction and rehab.

Many individuals find it hard to remain local for rehab, down to local stigmatisation and judgment, down to negative perceptions of rehab, and down to privacy issues. Experiencing these factors can influence disruptions, which can be detrimental to the addiction recovery process.

With that said, you can tackle and embrace the truth of addiction recovery, on a suitable scale for your needs by in fact overlooking the choice of a drug and alcohol rehab in Wigan.

Instead, you can benefit from visiting our residential rehab clinic, offering distance and respite from not only your lifestyle, fuelled by drugs and alcohol but also the negativity surrounding rehabilitation.

This way, you can provide yourself with the best platform possible, on neutral ground, ready to experience drug and alcohol rehabilitation with a difference.


Drug and alcohol rehabilitation with a difference

At Asana Lodge, we have a strong and current understanding of addiction and the rehabilitation of addiction as a brain illness. While we respect and utilise traditional addiction treatment services and medical recommendations, we also fully embrace the truth of addiction, by prioritising personalised rehab programmes.

Through our personalised offering, we create rehab experiences which work on individual needs, experiences with drugs and alcohol, cognitive reactions to substance abuse, internal and external influences and requirements via rehab. This is the best way possible to secure recovery capabilities, by working on the uncontrollable aspects of addiction, to soon regain control.

You can experience our take on addiction recovery, which focuses highly on scientific evidence around individual recovery opportunities, combined with residential, private and holistic care.

You can expect a comprehensive programme which can improve your quality of life, returning to Wigan recovered and capable to sustainably heal.


Treatment services at Asana Lodge

A part of our unique offering of rehab focuses on innovative treatment services. Combined with traditional forms, such as detoxification, stress management and cognitive behavioural therapy, we also make use of technology and the place it upholds in addiction recovery.

Through the likes of virtual reality therapy, NAD+ therapy and exposure therapy, you can reach a point of optimal health and wellbeing, on physical and psychological levels, while boosting the realism of your recovery capacities.

This is all possible through rehab, in fact increasing its value over the traditional myths or incomplete experiences of lone detoxification.

Understandably, our approach to rehab isn’t for everyone. You may feel a greater sense of comfort through a standard drug and alcohol rehab in Wigan. Yet, through our rehab clinic, you will be respected, you will be treated as a person, and your addiction will be treatable to tackle the truth around addiction makeup.

Experience our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, healing your mind, body and future self.