Are you struggling to face up to your drug and alcohol problems? Are you hoping that your addictive behaviours will just go away? Are you downplaying your drug and alcohol consumption to others?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Manchester

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All of the above behaviours are very common when living with a drug and alcohol addiction. They are a sign of denial, whether that’s to protect oneself from judgment, to reduce worry, or down to an unrealistic grasp on reality.

Before you develop a chronic addiction, which requires significant brain restoration, addiction treatment and rehabilitation efforts, we urge you to overcome your denial. We advise you to consider visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Manchester or the surrounding area; something we can offer here at Asana Lodge.

Whatever the reason may be, enabling denial is very dangerous when experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction. It can aggravate your mental health symptoms, it can reduce your inclination to recover, it can change your outlook on professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Although located away from Manchester, we offer residential rehab to an exceptional standard, providing holistic, low risk, and high recovery designed rehab programmes.

Reach out today for support with your denial, along with recovering for the long-term through our specialist approach.


The Danger of ongoing denial

Denial is one of the most common emotions, mutually experienced by drug and alcohol abusers. Although it is common, it is a deterrent, a disruption, a dangerous emotion to enable.

Understandably, denying the strength of addiction can be a natural reaction, especially if your drug and alcohol consumption has started off unintentionally. However, over time, denial can fester, known to delay all motives to recover.

If you are making excuses about your drug and alcohol consumption, if you are justifying your behaviours, if you are hiding your struggles from your family members or friends, you are enabling denial. To experience a way out from your drug and alcohol addiction, you must break the cycle of denial first.

Before even considering visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Manchester, or our specialist facility, it is encouraged that you work through some self-help tips.

By continuing the enablement of denial, you will struggle to see the full value in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, reducing its quality and your results.

Start today by reaching out to loved ones, by attempting to recognise changes in your behaviour, by familiarising yourself with rehabilitation motives and success rates.

From here, you’ll be closer to a recovery driven mindset.


Selecting a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Manchester

Once you’re prepared mentally, if you’re set on visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Manchester, we encourage you to understand the benefits and drawbacks of localised recovery.

Localised recovery is commonly favoured for the flexibility, convenience and comfort it offers. It commonly works for those who struggle with standalone physical side effects, known as substance abuse.

In addition, recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Manchester will offer an easier pre and post-transition, along with greater ability to involve family into your rehab programme.

Although favoured for the above benefits, localised recovery can be challenging for individuals who suffer from a true drug and alcohol addiction. By this, we mean both physical and psychological side effects, making it very difficult to avoid consumption.

Challenges are common as social and environmental triggers are normally experienced with drug and alcohol addictions, usually associated with local areas, people or routines.

With this in mind, staying close to Manchester can aggravate these triggers, causing disruptions and delays in recovery.

If you are struggling to control your drug and alcohol cravings, if you’re associated with negative routines or influences, if you’re suffering from mental health symptoms, residential rehab here at Asana Lodge will be encouraged.

Free Transport To & From Rehab

Best reasons to travel for alcohol and drug rehab:

  • Travelling provides an escape from a potentially toxic environment or people
  • Helps you get away from triggering situations
  • Sobriety can give you a fresh reset in life
  • You may find a new supportive community
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The Benefits of visiting Asana Lodge

Residential rehab is a new concept for many individuals. It does, however, carry significant benefits, readily available to you on your admission.

A specialist approach to addiction treatment

We follow a unique, specialist approach to addiction treatment, helping us stand out from other drug and alcohol treatment centres. We understand the damaging impacts drug and alcohol abuse have on the brain, causing adaptations. In order to recover, treatment options must focus on cognitive repair.

We promote both conventional and modern approaches to addiction treatment, ensuring that holistic healing is aimed for. We also understand that addiction and recovery will impact clients differently, deviating from a generic styled programme. Drug and alcohol detox programmes brain restoration and art therapy are a few to mention.

Personalised rehab programmes

As touched on above, addiction is a personal experience, as is drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We will provide a personalised rehab programme for you to complete, ensuring that you’re comfortable, healthy and progressing.

Luxury and relaxing environments

Your residing environment while recovering can affect your recovery results. Moving away from influences in Manchester, you will experience privacy, comfort, relaxation and luxury. You’ll have everything to hand to rehabilitate efficiently.

Residential rehab programmes

Residential rehab is an advocated option by recovering addicts. It offers safety, reassurance, reliability and a true opportunity to recover. By completing a structured, medically assisted inpatient programme, you will increase your susceptibility to withdrawal, development and rehabilitation.


Mental Health Support

Alongside our specialist approach to addiction recovery, mental health support is also very important to our team here at Asana Lodge. We understand how your mental health can impact your initial consumption, along with your recovery journey.

We offer around the clock support, ensuring that your mindset is positive, strong and focused on recovery.


Sustainable long-term Recovery

Many detox programmes or rehab plans will influence short-term, unsustainable results. Through a standalone withdrawal process, or through weak post-rehab planning, this is probable.

We ensure that long-term recovery can be sustained, that sober living can become the norm, that recovery maintenance can fit into your life with ease.

Here is where you’ll have the chance to truly change your life around, to transform your view on drug and alcohol exposure.

Experience the chance of sustainable recovery, by leaving your drug and alcohol addiction in the past.

Through our admission process, we can help you overcome denial while forming a fitting rehab programme, ready for your arrival.

Before investing in a convenient yet ineffective recovery attempt via a drug and alcohol rehab in Manchester, consider the wider picture, including our specialist rehab centre here in Towcester.