Ever wondered what your life would look like without drug and alcohol abuse? Here at Asana Lodge, we can help you achieve your recovery goals and live a happy, healthy life free from addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Oldham

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Our rehab in Oldham has a fantastic team of dedicated addiction specialists who are on hand 24/7 to monitor and motivate your progress.

Don’t let the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse take over your life. Not only will addiction damage your physical and psychological health, but it can also destroy relationships with your family and friends, have a detrimental effect on your finances, your career, and your living situation; there are no circumstances where addiction is acceptable, so don’t allow it to be part of your life.

If you’re struggling to overcome your battle with addiction, you must seek help immediately before it’s too late and the effects become irreversible. Call our team today on 01908 489 421 and start your journey towards long-term recovery. We can help you start living your life again and give up drugs and alcohol for good.


Finding the right Rehabilitation Centre for you

There are a variety of options out there when you’re looking for addiction treatment. These range from low-cost, ineffective drug and alcohol services to private, highly effective treatment programmes like at our drug and alcohol rehab in Oldham.

Attempting to recover from addiction at home is extremely dangerous and unrealistic. It’s impossible to recover from drug and alcohol abuse with medication alone, you must tackle the psychological element of your addiction in order to fully overcome it.

This is why a detox at home won’t be effective, as you’re only focusing on your physical dependence on the substance which won’t lead you to a successful recovery.

By joining a private residential rehabilitation centre, you have the added benefit of detaching yourself from a home life where negative influences and distractions are likely to be prevalent. All you have to concentrate on at our treatment centre is your recovery; this will be your sole focus.

You can enjoy the comfort of your own private room, dedicated medical staff and luxurious facilities as you undergo your addiction treatment at our rehab in Oldham. Whilst a private rehab centre may cause you to worry about budgets, we encourage you to consider the cost of fuelling your drug or alcohol habit.

Drinking and using drugs can be expensive, not to mention this substance abuse could lead you to losing your job or getting into legal trouble, causing you even more financial problems.

So, when you look at the bigger picture, the cost of a truly effective drug and alcohol rehab is extremely good value and very worthwhile.


What kind of Addiction Treatments do we offer?

We deliver evidence-based treatments, utilising a combination of psychological and well-being therapies. Each of our clients will receive a completely personalised treatment programme; this ensures the greatest chance of a successful long-term recovery.

Although each programme is unique, most of our clients will typically begin their stay with us by visiting our detox clinic. This helps to cleanse your body as the harmful toxins are removed from your system.

Once you have completed your drug or alcohol detox which will have helped to reduce your physical dependency on the substance, you can turn your attention to your psychological connection with alcohol or drugs.

This is done through various therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, individual, group or family counselling and relapse prevention. We also offer well-being therapies in conjunction with the above, these include art therapy, fitness therapy, sleep and relaxation therapy, mindfulness, and low-level laser therapy.

Not only can our qualified team deliver all of these treatments, but we also ensure you have plenty of activities to enjoy in your downtime. We arrange group runs or walks, quiz nights, film nights and if you wish, family visits.


What is Dual-Diagnosis Treatment?

You may not know it, but you could be living with a dual diagnosis. This is where both a drug or alcohol addiction and mental health issues are present. It’s actually more common than you may think, around 50% of people suffering from mental health issues are also prone to drug or alcohol abuse.

If you are suffering from a dual diagnosis, then you’re likely to feel more pressure as you try to manage the side effects and withdrawal symptoms from both conditions.

In some cases, it can be quite clear which of the two conditions is the stronger one, and which is the secondary condition. However, sometimes the two are equal which can make it more difficult to control both psychological influences, but it’s not impossible.

Either drug and alcohol abuse began as a coping mechanism for your mental health issue, or your mental health issues are a result of excessive drug and alcohol abuse. It’s easy to see how the vicious cycle of a dual diagnosis can continue.

Our treatments for a dual diagnosis focus on brain health and activity. By doing this, we can get an accurate diagnosis of the severity of each condition.

This will help us to devise the best treatment plan and include additional therapies suited to your specific requirements.

As in any case of addiction or mental health issues, if left untreated they will only worsen leading to potentially life-changing damage.


Join our Drug and Alcohol Rehab today

If you’re ready to make a commitment to changing your life for the better then we’re ready to accept you into our world-class treatment centre.

We can’t stress enough how this decision could change your life forever.

We’ll help you every step of the way, ensuring you’re always listened to and will prioritise your health and well-being first and foremost.

If you have additional questions or would like our friendly team to alleviate any concerns you may have, then please call us today on 01908 489 421 or email us at info@asanalodge.com.

You’re one step away from living a life free from alcohol or drugs, make the best decision of your life today.