Do you live in Rochdale? Are you worried about the amount of drugs or alcohol you take? Are you perhaps worried about whether a friend or loved one has a drug or alcohol addiction? If so, please contact Asana Lodge immediately for assistance, guidance and expert advice.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rochdale

We understand that accepting you have an illness is a difficult thing to do, and denial is a potentially life-threatening issue.

But our compassionate, caring staff are here to help you via our 24-hour helpline. If you make the call to Asana Lodge today on 01908 489421, we can begin to help you without delay.

There’s no wait for our private rehab unlike the NHS and after an initial assessment we’ll be able to begin your treatment straight away.

Please get in touch with us today and we can help you take those first steps to a life without drugs and alcohol.


We care about your Treatment

Feelings of embarrassment or shame are common when people reach out to us for help. But we do not judge you on your situation and we’ll always treat you with compassion. We wish for the process to be as simple as possible.

When you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction you may have burned many bridges. You may be struggling financially, seen your career stall, have fallen out with friends and your family have ostracised you as your behaviour may be perceived as destructive.

Thankfully, Asana Lodge offer you the light of hope at the end of a long, dark tunnel. We can help you to overcome and control your addiction to help you regain a sense of normality in your life.

By choosing our world class treatment centre in Rochdale, you will be able to undergo intervention, detox, therapy, rehab and we will draw up an aftercare plan to help you to steer clear of suffering a relapse. Our scientific based, holistic treatment programmes will help you to regain control of your life.


Your Treatment in Rochdale

After making that all important first call to us, we can begin to help you immediately. Unlike the NHS, with private drug and alcohol rehab clinics we can admit you with no fuss. We don’t need a GP referral and there are no waiting lists for our treatment plans. We believe that the process of rehab is stressful enough without needless delays.

We will perform an initial consultation with you over the telephone. This will help us to develop an understanding of you and your addiction. We will treat you as an individual throughout, as every person is different and so is every addiction.

We will establish the facts about your drug or alcohol addiction, the impact upon your life and a brief summary of your health. This will be a phone call that requires bravery but once it’s done, it will only get easier from that point. Admitting you have a problem is often the hardest part.

When we have completed this assessment, we’ll be able to admit you to our modern, first class rehab centre. At this stage, you’ll undergo a thorough physical and psychological assessment. Here we will establish any health issues that you have and how your addiction has affected them.

We will also establish the root cause of your illness. On too many occasions, the root cause of addictions is not discovered, and this makes a relapse in the future more likely.

Many people who come to Asana Lodge for help also have an underlying mental health conditions and we will give you a dual diagnosis, treating you for both your addiction and any mental illnesses. This will significantly enhance your long-term recovery prospects.


How does Detox work?

There’s no disguising the fact that detox is a hard period of your treatment option. As access to drugs or alcohol is gradually reduced (this is called ‘tapering’) your body will react with a series of withdrawal symptoms.

These will affect different people in different ways but some of them can be highly unpleasant. Examples of withdrawal symptoms are excessive shaking and sweating, a fever and lucid nightmares and hallucinations. This is your mind and body craving substances.

One of the biggest benefits of a course of rehab with Asana Lodge is that you can remove yourself from temptation. You may have tried a period of self-imposed detox before, but this almost always ends up in failure, or with a visit to a place or person who is a bad influence and you suddenly find yourself back to square one.

With us it will be different – in residential rehab you’ll be able to steer clear of temptation. Also, some withdrawal symptoms are not only a difficult experience, they are also dangerous.

Our doctors will be on hand 24 hours a day to keep you safe and if the process is causing you difficulties, they can also prescribe medication to ease your discomfort.


The Benefits of Therapy

When your detox is completed, you will undergo therapy sessions. This will be on a one to one and a group basis. Our staff will be able to find what works for you and will treat you in whichever way is beneficial to your recovery.

You will undergo Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as well as group therapy. The latter is a useful tool to build a support network for when you leave our care. Sharing experience with your fellow recovering addicts will be of huge importance.

Before you do leave, we’ll draw up an aftercare plan with you to ensure you feel confident and avoid falling into relapse, which is statistically more likely to happen within the first 12 months of your visit to rehab.


Immediate Treatment is Available

Every day is of importance when fighting an addiction, as every day can make your treatment trickier. Please make that call to Asana Lodge today on 01908 489421 and we can make a genuine difference to your life immediately. We are here to help you 24 hours a day and our staff genuinely care about your recovery.

Private rehab isn’t cheap but we can offer your treatment suited to your budget, and we’re reasonably priced with no hidden fees.

When you’re ready to talk to us, we’re ready to help you without delay.