Those who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction tend to find it difficult to understand when addiction treatment is needed. The first step is admitting to yourself that you need professional help or encouraging a loved one to admit it if they’re struggling.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Preston

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It’s vital to break through and remember that help is here whenever you need it.

Our treatment programmes can be started at any time, all we ask is that you’re committed to making a significant change to your lifestyle. We can show you how to achieve long-term recovery.


We’re here to help you get your life back on track

Are you seeking a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston? Do you long for a happier, healthier life? Drug or alcohol addiction can take away your happiness and your health, it can even take away your life.

Don’t let this happen to you. There is a path to achieving long-term recovery, and we can get you there. Just give us a call today on 01908 489 421.

Here at Asana Lodge, our drug and alcohol rehab has state-of-the-art facilities with a dedicated team of experts who can support you around the clock.

We have helped thousands of people addicted to alcohol or drugs achieve their recovery goals, and we will continue to provide our fantastic treatment service to those who need it. Our rehab in Preston has the answer to turning your life around for the better.


What is Addiction Treatment like?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can involve a variety of treatment options from the group or individual therapies to taking part in our detox clinic. Undergoing detox, in particular, can be physically and psychologically draining, you must be prepared to overcome your dependency on alcohol or drugs in order to succeed at our treatment centre.

If you’re not mentally prepared, you will not gain a worthwhile experience, leaving you deflated and unlikely to want to try again for some time

We treat people on a wide scale of drug or alcohol addiction, whether you’re struggling with minor effects or you have an all-consuming dependency, our rehabs have the expertise to create a treatment programme which is personalised to achieve the best results for you.

Even if you may not feel ready to commit to our full programme which can last approximately a month, we still welcome you to get in touch with us for more advice.


Why should you choose Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Preston?

Here at Asana Lodge, we tailor our treatment options to achieve long-term recovery using our unique evidence-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme; these are the first of their kind in the U.K.

We’re a step ahead of the rest. We can provide unique insights based on your behavioural patterns by utilising the latest technology into the treatments of stress-related conditions. This helps us to identify what triggers your addiction to alcohol or drugs.

By investing your time into us, you’ll have a greater probability of long-term recovery than what an outpatient treatment service could give you. When you stay with us at our rehab centre, you detach yourself from any negative influences or stresses of home life, this all contributes to your successful recovery as it becomes your sole focus.

Before beginning your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we conduct an initial assessment of your physical and psychological well-being. This is done so that we understand the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction and how to keep you safe during your stay with us.

Most of our treatment programmes start with a visit to our detox clinic which can be quite challenging. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur and be dangerous if not supervised by our medical professionals.

We prioritise your health and safety at all stages of addiction treatment, it’s paramount that you do not attempt to detox at home without medical supervision.

Despite the challenges, detoxing is an integral part of your long-term recovery as you rid your body of harmful toxins, clearing your mind; it prepares you for a future free from substance abuse.


Changing your feelings towards Alcohol or Drugs

Our expert staff are fully qualified in their respective disciplines whether they’re psychologists, counsellors, or addition therapists. They are motivated to see you succeed in freeing yourself from drug or alcohol addiction.

At Asana Lodge, we deliver a range of therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, family and individual speech therapies and group counselling, in addition to holistic therapies such as yoga or mindfulness as they have a high success rate in aiding recovery.

We will consult you every step of the way to ensure you’re satisfied with how the treatment programme is moving forward. We’re able to provide family support and free aftercare for 12 months to give you the best chance of long-term recovery and to avoid relapsing.

Once we have helped to identify the triggers of your drugs or alcohol addiction, we can begin to reshape the perception you have towards the consumption of these substances.


Achieve long-term recovery at our Rehab in Preston

Embarking on our fantastic drug and alcohol rehab programme Preston will allow you to recover both physically and psychologically. With our pioneering treatment service, dedicated team, and modern facilities, we’re positive we can motivate you to achieve your recovery goals.

Our treatments are harmless and highly effective. By utilising our expertise in behavioural addiction, we can deliver a personalised treatment programme to suit your wants and needs.

A typical day involves a morning of a group or holistic therapies followed by a more intense afternoon session such as counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.

To give you a chance to relax, evenings generally consist of some downtime as well as enjoying the healthy meals which we provide at drug and alcohol rehab.

Heal your body and heal your mind, get in touch today by calling 01908 489 421.