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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Darwen

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Drug and alcohol addictions are complex and serious conditions that can be very difficult to break free from without expert help. There are a number of treatment options when it comes to addiction treatment, but the most effective way to treat serious addiction problems is a holistic, tailored rehab programme delivered in a safe residential setting.


Addiction Treatments Available in Darwen

There may be outpatient treatments for addiction available through the NHS, but resources are unfortunately often stretched in this area and community-based treatment does have some drawbacks.

Firstly, you will be surrounded by the usual triggers and temptations. You will have to undergo detox with minimal supervision and you will have to organise and attend multiple treatment sessions – which can go on for much longer than a more focused residential rehab package. All this can be difficult when you are in the grip of addiction.

With private inpatient rehab, you will be in a safe and secure environment, away from all the people and places associated with your drinking and drug use. You can undergo a medically supervised drug or alcohol detox and a full package of tailored treatments aiming to help you explore the underlying causes of your substance misuse and change the way you think and behave around drugs and alcohol.


What to Expect From Rehab

A big early step is usually detoxification or detox – the period during which you process the drugs or alcohol already in your system. This can be a delicate and sometimes dangerous process. You may experience severe withdrawal symptoms and detox is always best undertaken with expert and medical supervision.

Detox will also be accompanied by a range of different therapies. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been used for years to treat conditions such as depression and anxiety and has also proven very effective in the treatment of addiction over recent years.

Other techniques such as group therapy and psychotherapy can also be very valuable. At Asana Lodge we believe in a holistic approach to rehab and other treatments such as mindfulness, art therapy and fitness therapy can all help improve your overall health and well-being – which can also help you to maintain your recovery when you leave.


How Effective is Rehab?

There is no ‘magic bullet’ or easy way to beat addictions. It still takes time and a lot of work, but rehab gives you the very best chance possible to finally break the vicious cycle of addiction for good.

We use industry-leading, scientifically proven techniques based on evidence and proven experience.


Addiction, Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis

Addiction, substance misuse and mental health have well-documented links but the relationship at play between them can be very complex. In some cases, drinking or drug use can either trigger a mental health condition or exacerbate an existing one.

In other cases, a mental health issue may lead to substance misuse – through various routes such as self-medication and alleviation of dysphoria (essentially an attempt to keep ‘bad feelings’ at bay).

The NHS says that having a mental health diagnosis significantly increases your risk of misusing alcohol and drugs. One study suggested people with antisocial personality disorder were at 15% higher risk of substance misuse, for example, while a manic episode increased the risk by 14.5%.1

The situation where addiction and mental health issues exist at the same time is generally referred to as dual diagnosis, and it is generally recommended to treat both aspects at the same time.

Treating addiction without addressing the mental health issue could leave the recovering addict at increased risk of relapse and treating a mental health condition without the addiction could lead to substance misuse triggering further episodes in the future.

At Asana Lodge we offer dual diagnosis treatment to work on both issues at the same time, helping you to make a full and long-lasting recovery.


How Quickly Can I Recover From My Addiction?

Recovering from an addiction can be a long and difficult process. The length of a tailored rehab programme can also vary widely depending on the place and your own situation but will typically take four weeks or 28 days.

This will generally be enough time to get you through the detoxification process and participate in therapies that will help you to explore and challenge the root causes of your addiction and related behaviours.

All this will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to continue your recovery but there is still plenty of work to be done. That knowledge and the strategies you learn will need to be applied so you do not relapse going forward.

At Asana Lodge, our relapse prevention experts can help clients to identify their relapse triggers and provide them with tools they can use to avoid temptation. The first few weeks and months can be particularly perilous, which is why we also offer free aftercare sessions for the first full year after completing a rehab programme.


Getting Help for Addiction

When you are in the grip of addiction you may feel that you have nobody to turn to. Even if you are lucky enough to have the support of family, friends and a full support network, you may feel that they do not understand what you are going through. And, while support is invaluable, addiction is a complex condition that requires expert professional knowledge to successfully treat.

We can offer expert advice and if you decide that residential rehab is the right choice for you, a tailored holistic treatment programme that aims to treat every aspect of your addiction.

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it is never too early to seek help as an untreated addiction or substance misuse problem can continue to cause serious damage to your physical and mental health, relationships and other aspects of your life.

On the other hand, it’s never too late to seek help. Every year we help people who have been suffering from addiction problems for years to take their first steps on the road to a full recovery.

Contact us today and it might be one of the most positive steps you ever take. You can also call us on 01908 489 421 or email info@asanalodge.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick the right rehabilitation programme?

The best rehab programmes are the ones that suit your personal set of circumstances. It’s important to keep in mind your budget, whether you want to go through rehab on an inpatient or outpatient basis and if you wish to go to rehab close to or far away from your home. The need to get treatment might feel urgent but making a quick wrong decision will hamper future efforts at staying clean – so take the time to research.

Does addiction affect mental health?

Addiction can have a massive effect on a person’s mental health. Addiction often intensifies a person’s current mental health issues as substances cloud the mind and impair judgement. Drinking or taking drugs can worsen depression, heighten anxiety, and start a cycle where a person feels they can only cope with their mental health problems by self-medicating with those substances.

What happens after rehab?

After leaving rehab you will have access to our aftercare package, which focuses on relapse prevention. Many people leaving rehab continue to attend support meetings and stay connected with former addicts to increase the chances of long-term recovery. You will have also learnt techniques and tips to help you deal with triggers and urges during your time at rehab to help you cope. The hope is that whatever happens after rehab, it’s better than what came before.