Your Rehab Treatment Options: Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient UK

With rising poverty, the increased cost of living, and the general accessibility of drugs and alcohol, people everywhere are looking for ways to cope. Sadly, many turn to substances and soon find themselves trapped in a cycle of addiction.

Deciding you need rehab is a big step – but it’s only the first one. Next, you have to decide how you will undergo treatment. First off, allow us to let you know all about inpatient rehab, our area of expertise.


inpatient vs outpatient rehab


What is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is a rehab programme in which you stay within a chosen facility for a period of time.

Often, this length of time is one of the following, however it is subjective to your personal circumstances:

  • 7-nights
  • 10-nights
  • 14-nights
  • 21-nights
  • 28-nights
  • 6 weeks
  • 8 weeks

Due to the fact that you would be an inpatient, staying within the facility with 24/7 care comes with a price; nonetheless, it is a price worthy to pay when you consider the recovery rates of inpatient facilities.

Within an inpatient facility, you’re able to take every step in a planned and programmed manner to ensure you get to sobriety on the other end. This structure makes it much easier to have recovery at the forefront of your mind with no external distractions – but what is included within this structure of inpatient rehab?

Typically, there are 4 clear structures across the board when it comes to reputable residential rehabs, these are:

  • Pre-admission assessment & Admission
  • Detoxification
  • Therapy
  • Aftercare

These steps are taken within this order and take you, the inpatient, through a programme that is tailored to you and your addiction while still adhering to these structural bones of in-patient treatment.

You can find out more about what inpatient rehab consists of by heading to either our drug rehab or alcohol rehab pages.


Benefits Of Inpatient Rehab

So knowing some more about what inpatient rehab is, what are the benefits of it when compared to outpatient treatment? Let’s see whether inpatient v outpatient rehab is for you.

#1 Inpatient Rehab Offers Structure

If you are suffering from an addiction then your life may have become quite hectic, which is why inpatient rehab provides needed structure to your life.

Day after day you know what to expect and have a set schedule. As you are focused on your addiction recovery, less free time means you can begin to form healthier habits rather than drinking or taking drugs.

A typical day in the life of an inpatient in our rehab would include structured breakfast, lunch and dinner and scheduled therapy sessions. Alongside this you’d have scheduled free time to exercise or similar activities.

The lack of pressure is what makes it a great place to recover, there is nowhere to be, with no work to be done. That being said, there is nothing to focus on but your own recovery.


#2 Inpatient Care Provides Personalised Addiction Treatment

Addiction isn’t a one size fits all, so why would the recovery approach be treated that way?

At rehab centres like Asana Lodge, you will gain access to a treatment programme that is made for you. We consider all the factors that affect you – your addiction history, health, and rehab experience – to create a treatment plan that is best suited.

Every addiction that we treat is different, meaning it would not only be wrong to treat them the same, but unsafe. Various addictions may require a detox, while some may not. We aim to get to the bottom of your addiction before you’re admitted so a tailor made plan is waiting for you.

This personalised approach to treatment provides the best chance at achieving long-term recovery, so this is something to keep in mind when comparing inpatient vs outpatient drug rehab or alcohol rehab.


#3 An Inpatient Rehab Provides a Different Environment

Something that shouldn’t go overlooked is the benefit of being outside of your familiar environment.

Ultimately, it is being in your home environment that has allowed your addiction to formulate and thrive, that being said, taking time away from this would be beneficial to avoid temptation.

Taking a break from a potentially toxic environment can give you perspective, with distance, you should be able to see that changes are needed in your life. Finding yourself in a more caring place, with a community that understands your struggles, can help you greatly overcome feelings of isolation or shame.

Our rehab is a home away from home, boasting a cosy environment that is the opposite of the clinical expectations, just one of the many benefits of inpatient rehab.


#4 Inpatient Recovery Provides High Quality Care

A big difference between an inpatient and outpatient facility is the level of care.

Within an inpatient rehab facility, you can have access to 24-care and support, this is something that simply can’t be replicated outside of an inpatient facility.

Staff members are experts in substance abuse treatment and are dedicated to helping people in need. Having specialists that are experienced in the niche of addiction is extremely helpful, they understand where your addiction is stemming from and how to avoid relapse in the future.

Plus, some of those that work for us have been in your position, so we fully empathise and understand how difficult the journey will be.

There will be an on-site chef, therapists and medical professionals that can help with every aspect of your recovery around the clock. Not to mention the luxury facilities themself, for example you can see what our facility at Asana Lodge is like below.


View Our Virtual Tour

Take a virtual walkthrough of our rehab facility so that you can see for yourself just what we have to offer. Simply click on the play button to begin the tour of our centre.

You’ll be able to explore our lobby, common areas, bedrooms, therapy rooms and much more from the comfort of your own home.

We hope that this tour will give you a better sense of what Asana Lodge is all about and help you to make the decision to stay with us. We look forward to welcoming you in person soon – start your recovery today!

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What is Outpatient Rehab?

Taking the inpatient route may not be the best option for everyone which is totally okay, seeking any kind of help is still a tremendously courageous step forward. Here we’ll answer your question: what is the difference between an inpatient and an outpatient?

In short, an outpatient rehab centre is where you undergo treatment during the day but return to your own home at night. This comes with a varied structure which is subjective to the outpatient facility and your own schedule.

This is one of the more popular options for people who have less severe addictions and don’t necessarily require around the clock care. For instance, people who need support to avoid relapse or have commitments that require them to stay at home.

While this is still a good option, it is going to be more self-sustained and much motivation needs to be from yourself. That being said, it is a really good idea to try and build a support system, particularly if you’re going to pursue an at-home detox since it will be a tough ride to do alone.

Nonetheless, there are certainly benefits of outpatient vs Inpatient rehab, so let’s take a look at what they are.

inpatient rehab


Benefits Of Inpatient Rehab

#1 Outpatient Rehab Offers Flexibility

Only going to an alcohol and drug rehab during the day means there is less disruption in your daily life which can be a blessing and a curse.

The good side to this level of flexibility is that it allows you to keep daily commitments that you can’t abandon, especially on short notice. Ultimately, this is the biggest difference and deciding factor when comparing inpatient rehab vs outpatient.

However, on the other hand, daily life commitments can distract you from treatment. You may not put your full focus into it and won’t get the full benefit. This highlights how subjective treatment options are and why it is important to assess your current situation and addiction before making that decision.


#2 An Out-patient Facility May Be Closer to Home

Due to the fact that outpatient rehab treatment is much more accessible, and there are more of them, you are likely to find an outpatient facility closer to where you live.

If you cannot, or are unwilling to be far from home then this will suit you better than being away from home. Some people benefit from time away to avoid temptations, but we understand that this isn’t for everybody and you need to decide what is right for you.

Weighing up whether being in outpatient vs Inpatient rehab can be determined by understanding how severe your addiction is and how far away from home you are happy to be.

However, physically and physiologically separating yourself from familiarity can be very useful to avoid relapse, since when withdrawals begin combating them with so much temptation can make it more difficult.


#3 Outpatient Rehab Is Cheaper

Price should always be a consideration when looking at rehab options as they can greatly vary across the country, and the globe.

Outpatient treatment is far cheaper and even free via the NHS, if you’re in a situation in which you need free or affordable help, you can still absolutely get the treatment you need. Contact your GP or attend groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous (which are free) in your area for regular scheduled therapy for addiction.

You get what you pay for when it comes to rehab, costs vary but there is always a solution so still seek the help you deserve no matter the means.


Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab: How to Choose

Now that you know the benefits of both, how do you come to a conclusion and choose inpatient or outpatient rehab? The answer is to understand what limitations apply to you, below are some factors to consider and by thinking about how each of these apply to you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

  • Budget: Private drug and alcohol rehabs offer a greater range of treatments and will be more expensive. Outpatient treatment is cheaper or free but the quality is not always as high. Always keep in mind a budget when looking but do consider asking family and friends for help if you need it.
  • Severity Of Addiction: If your addiction is severe then an outpatient rehab may not have the treatment you need to fully recover. Inpatient rehab is much more suited to dealing with severe cases.
  • Location: If you are not comfortable being far from home then find somewhere closer. If location isn’t a factor, then you can find the perfect rehab centre for you no matter the place.
  • Waiting List: Time can be of the essence. You may need to get help quickly and some private rehab facilities can have you admitted within days of your initial enquiry. Getting treatment via the NHS may result in being put on a long waiting list. You have to decide how severe your situation is and choose accordingly.


outpatient vs in patient rehab

Inpatient Treatment Options At Asana Lodge

Asana Lodge is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab that provides comprehensive addiction treatment. With us, you can undergo a complete journey through treatment – from detoxification to addiction recovery support once you leave.

During your time with us, you will also take part in addiction therapy. These therapies help deal with the causes of addiction. You can learn coping mechanisms that help you long after rehab – mainly dealing with triggers and helping in relapse prevention. This is also part of mental health treatment, showcasing a holistic approach to treatment that deals with you as a whole person and not just your addiction.

We also provide aftercare – giving you access to support group meetings once you leave rehab. These can help you build a greater support network and continue to work on the things you have learned with us.


Get Help Today

Inpatient and outpatient care have many benefits , what is important is that you make an informed decision that suits your situation. Asana Lodge is a private rehabilitation centre, offering industry-leading treatment to those struggling with addiction.
If you want to know more about Asana Lodge, call us today at 01908 489 421 or fill out our contact form.

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