Are you suffering from an unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol? Are you considering the opportunity to withdraw from that relationship? If so, at Asana Lodge, we can guide you towards long-term recovery through our unique approach to rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tipton

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Naturally, you may have reservations around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Tipton or the surrounding area. However, through residential rehab, you can benefit greatly, helping you begin to detach yourself from drugs, alcohol and their addictive profiles.

Reasonably, we will avoid sugar-coating drug and alcohol rehabilitation. There will be many tests linked to the necessary steps of physical and psychological recovery. Likewise, addiction recovery will not happen overnight, where long-term recovery is the timeline to focus on.

However, through a suitable and sustainable drug and alcohol rehab programme, you can work to leave your addictive habits, in the past, and especially so if you invest in our unique approach.

Here’s some insight into your recovery options, including our residential rehab offering, focusing on the reliability of evidence when considering addiction recovery.


The benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Tipton

Naturally, remaining in Tipton for drug and alcohol rehab may make you feel anxious. This is very normal, as many individuals disbelieve in their personal ability to recover, while exposed to their current reality.

This level of flexibility and exposure is in fact common from an outpatient rehab programme. However, through a residential drug and alcohol rehab, in Tipton itself, you can avoid that exposure, while also having the ability to recover.

Selecting a local rehab clinic will firstly offer you an extra level of comfort. Comfort is very important when working through drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as feeling relaxed and confident will help to progress your initial encounter with rehab.

The ability to continue your aftercare services, from the exact rehab clinic is a key benefit of initially remaining in Tipton. Here you’ll build familiarity around your recovery environment, and you also build trust with our team members. Both will benefit your transition, post-rehab, understanding that support will continue for you.

Last, of all, you’ll have the opportunity to experience our unique approach here to Asana Lodge. Although we are located outside of Tipton, in Towcester, we offer the combination of benefits, linked to localised recovery and to residential rehab. Here you can encounter the above assets, linked to a Tipton based rehab clinic.

However, you can also take advantage of a neutral environment, offering around the clock support and a personal rehab programme.

Rehab, as a whole, will be tough, no matter where you reside. You can, however, increase your susceptibility to rehab by remaining close to home through our welcoming, reputable and specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic.


Insight into our unique approach at Asana Lodge

To help you with your rehabilitation decisions, it’s important that you have an insight into our approach at Asana Lodge, along with our key differences from alternative drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the Tipton area.

A large majority of rehab clinics will offer residential addiction treatment. They will even offer personal rehab programmes through completing pre-admission assessments. However, we go one step further by embracing the evidence, linked to your assessments.

Science highlights how addictions can manifest in many different ways. This can be anything from environments, to genetics, to social situations and to psychological responses. For some individuals, pre-existing weaknesses can be present, boosting the organic risk of addiction.

It is very important that we understand initial causations of addictive behaviours, before recommending treatment services, ensuring that firstly our clients can be safe, and secondly that recovery is possible.

With this in mind, our personalised rehab programmes fulfil your personal needs, and then some, by focusing on realistic recovery opportunities. Focusing on brain responses can provide a clear insight into drug and alcohol relationships. By treating the brain, holistically, we can then treat the body, resulting in sobriety.


Traditional and innovative addiction treatment options

Within your personalised rehab programme, you can expect to see a mix of addiction treatment options. We highly promote treatment services which follow a traditional route. After all, they’ve been utilised for years to promote physical and psychological withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

With this in mind, you may complete treatment options including a drug and alcohol detox, therapy, support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management.

Yet, in tandem with this, we also immerse our clients into innovative treatment options, helping to promote holistic healing, and to also bring sober living potentials, into reality. The aim of our rehab approach is to promote recovery and also improve the quality of life and relationships. Through the likes of NAD+ therapy, virtual reality therapy, exposure therapy and art therapy, this is possible.

Please be reassured that all addiction treatments are medically accredited and are safe when observed under our care. Your physical and psychological health are very important to us and will in fact be uplifted throughout drug and alcohol rehab.


Realistic outlooks on long-term recovery

It is imperative that a realistic outlook on long-term recovery is shared. Of course, for all, greater efforts will be required post-rehab. However, as standard, to maintain sober living, changes must be made.

You’ll be expected to rely on your relapse prevention plan, you’ll be expected to make changes to your lifestyle, you’ll be expected to work on your mental health, and you’ll be expected to complete aftercare services.

Please be reassured that the roots that you’ve grown through residential rehab can be continued post-rehab via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tipton. Here you will have the chance to elevate the recovery rates you’ve already achieved.

To ensure that long-term recovery can be maintained, our innovative addiction treatment options will be beneficial. The likes of virtual reality therapy will show you how to cope through real-life scenarios, back in Tipton, helping to avoid future relapse risks. With this in mind, you will have a firmer grasp on the reality of recovery.

Although remaining close to home may worry you, through our rehab clinic and residential offering, it is possible. For more information on our unique approach to rehab, reach out today at Asana Lodge.

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