Admitting to your addiction can be a daunting step to take, let alone finding the right treatment. Most residential rehabilitation centres will provide you with invaluable support and guidance that throughout your treatment programme.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bartley Green

Knowing when to reach out for professional addiction help and treatment can be tough. Noticing the signs and symptoms of addiction is a clear indication that a habit is forming. Any level of habit will benefit from professional guidance and treatment.

Possible to access via the NHS and private rehab, a number of treatment options will be available in Bartley Green. If you do happen to notice the signs of addiction, through your own consumption levels, a self-referral for treatment can be completed.

If you’re witnessing a loved one struggle through a possible diagnosis, you can help through a family and friend referral.

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To take action, you’ll need to select the most suitable treatment option for your needs, to provide the right level of guidance and treatment. Offered flexibly at Asana Lodge, you can visit a private drug and alcohol rehab in Bartley Green, no matter the strength or consequences of your habits.

A professional addiction diagnosis will indicate the need for rehabilitation. Yet changes to everyday behaviours, responsibilities and consumption levels can also do the same. Reach out for professional addiction help and treatment as soon as your habits take over.


Noticing the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

There are some common signs and symptoms of addiction. Addiction is found to change health, commitments, behaviours, attitudes, and lifestyles. The clearest indication of an addiction is the inability to stop consumption without experiencing withdrawal symptoms and/or further exposure.

For some, the signs and symptoms can be masked by denial. Noticing them is possible for some people, through a change in drug and alcohol habits. For others, it takes the concerns of loved ones to alarm a warning.

Once you are aware of the need for change, withdrawing and recovering with professional help will be the most beneficial choice. Possible to help suppress your symptoms, control your consumption, and learn to cope without drugs and alcohol, addiction treatment services are proven tools.

No matter the moment that you notice the need for help, drug and alcohol rehabilitation services will be available and tailored to your needs.


Addiction Treatment Options in Bartley Green

Looking for local addiction treatment will result in the main options of NHS services and private rehab programmes. Both are beneficial treatment options to help kickstart the withdrawal and recovery processes.

Yet depending on your personal needs and the strength of your drug and alcohol problems, the lasting effects of treatment will differ between both.

NHS treatment services are supportive for those with minimal symptoms, triggers, and habits. As treatments are usually delayed, as you’ll initially be added to a waiting list, it can be difficult to hold off through influential cravings and symptoms. Incomplete programmes are common, resulting in relapse.

For fast-acting addiction help and treatment, private rehab is a strong recommendation. It’s flexible enough to work around the type, severity, and cause of an addiction. Offered through inpatient and outpatient programmes, private rehab can provide immediate support whilst guiding you through a schedule which works alongside your lifestyle and commitments.

Inpatient rehab is the most beneficial, for its 28-day average timescale, and its intense structure. Yet through private rehab, your commitment will be returned with accommodating services.

In short, NHS treatment is beneficial for people with signs and symptoms of substance abuse. Anything beyond this diagnosis, and private rehab will be the most effective addiction treatment option.


Selecting a Private Rehab Clinic

Your needs should be at the forefront when selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Bartley Green. You will need to think about your budget, recovery expectations and the commitment that you can make, prior to your admission.

Alongside finding a treatment centre which can meet your budget, work within your timeframe, and deliver likely results, it’s encouraged that you find a CQC registered clinic. This will make sure that care and treatments are of high standards, and that a comprehensive rehab programme will be offered.

At Asana Lodge, we’re a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic, offering a range of services and outlets of support to address addiction and further problems. We promote inpatient rehab yet offer bespoke programmes to all clients. We care about the needs of our clients, by making sure that a comfortable, realistic, and effective process can be worked through.

For addiction help and treatment, a self-referral can be made to access our reputable rehab facility.


What is achievable through Treatment?

Rehab offers the chance to achieve some life-changing milestones. Mostly motivated by our range of treatments and therapies, sobriety is a realistic goal that you can set your sights on.

Withdrawal is achievable through rehab, due to our detoxification processes. Rehabilitation is also something to aim for, by completing our range of therapeutic and holistic therapies. Completing the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, NAD+ therapy and group therapy will be beneficial.

Improving your wellbeing, mental health and lifestyle is also possible through our private rehab. We offer a wide range of treatments which help to heal the body and mind through holistic ways. We also offer mental health support and treatment, meaning that you can recover from any co-occurring disorders, whilst withdrawing.

Up to this point of rehab, physical and psychological recovery can be worked towards. Yet to also achieve lasting recovery, planning and additional support will be recommended, back in Bartley Green.

Visiting or residing in a private drug and alcohol rehab can motivate sobriety, the ability to remain sober and the capabilities to control future consumption. Through the right type and quality of help and treatment, this is a possibility for you, here at Asana Lodge.


Personalised Aftercare and Relapse Prevention Support

After completing a range of treatments and therapies, via rehab, plans will begin for your discharge. Relapse prevention planning is something that will begin in our care and continue through aftercare.

Personalised around your needs, coping styles and lifestyle choices, preventive measures will be promoted. You’ll also have a schedule of aftercare services, to follow, to reduce the chance of relapse.

Both aftercare and relapse prevention planning are a benefit of committing to private rehab. They help to strengthen recovery and increase its realism.

Reach out at Asana Lodge to experience both, alongside your own bespoke addiction treatment programme. Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Bartley Green, help and treatment will be available as soon as you notice a change in your habits.

See more information about drug and alcohol rehab in the Birmingham area here.

How can I refer a loved one to Rehab?

A referral into rehab can be made on behalf of your loved one. They will need to accept this referral to enter rehab and begin the recovery process. Although acceptance isn’t always the initial result of a referral, sharing your concerns and taking action through rehab can help to motivate the idea of recovery. Ongoing support with this can increase acceptance rates of visiting/checking into rehab.

You can complete a family and friend referral here at Asana Lodge.

Can I choose when I want to attend Rehab?

The timeline of rehab should be accommodating of your lifestyle and needs. Private rehab can be accessed near enough immediately through our admissions process. Yet if you’d prefer to set a date, to instead visit/check into rehab, this is also possible. Some people prefer to prepare for rehab, whilst others require an urgent admission.

What are the main causes of Addiction?

The cause of an addiction will usually be influenced by either physical, psychological, biological, social, or environmental factors. Paired with initial use and the positive feelings of consumption, a reliance on drugs and alcohol can develop.

Common causes include pre-existing mental health issues, social pressures, toxic environments, trauma, personal worries, stress, and genetics.