Admitting to your addiction can be a daunting step to take, let alone finding the right treatment. Most residential rehabilitation centres will provide you with invaluable support and guidance that throughout your treatment programme.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Selly Oak

To work towards sobriety, a range of treatments and therapies will need to be completed. Safe and proven types will be recommended, to effectively treat symptoms, causes and improve health.

Possible to experience through various rehabilitation options, finding the right treatment programme for your needs is important. Available to experience through the NHS and accessible via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Selly Oak, a programme should help you detox, recover and plan for long-term sobriety.

Our therapies at Asana Lodge help our clients heal holistically, whilst setting their sights on long-term recovery. Reach out for more information on our personalised treatment programmes and our private rehab services.

Tailored around your needs, private rehab is an accommodating, reachable rehab option. Consider it to reach and remain sober, through high-quality treatment recommendations.

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Available Rehabilitation Options in Selly Oak

Addiction treatment will be available through NHS and private programmes. Both will provide access to medically safe treatment services. It’s important to consider the approach of each, as timelines, treatment types and recovery rates do vary between them.

NHS treatments will be highly available to you in the UK. They are free, they are convenient, and they are familiar. Yet they are challenging to access, they are generalised, and they are difficult to complete. This is the general consensus for addiction recovery, as time sensitive and personal services offer the most effects. If your diagnosis is mild, waiting for NHS addiction treatment may be suitable for you.

Private treatment options are fully tailored to each client. They consider personal experiences with drugs and alcohol, physical and psychological responses, and wellbeing. Through this approach, a range of effective treatments can be accessed near enough instantly.

An urgent timeline is offered through private rehab, to make sure that the recovery process can begin and benefit from your readiness. Offered to a high standard, private rehab in Selly Oak will however carry a cost that must be considered.

Arguably the most effective for managing and treating addiction, private rehab offers a range of rehabilitation and treatment options. Yet with individual needs to consider, you should weigh up all local rehabilitation programmes.


How to access Private Rehab?

If you’re looking for immediate, specialist support and treatment, private rehab will be recommended. Your next steps should focus on finding and accessing a drug and alcohol rehab in Selly Oak.

Through our admissions process, access can be arranged. To reach this point, you’ll need to share your needs with our team here at Asana Lodge. With awareness of your personal expectations, budget, and available time, we will be equipped to tailor a personalised programme. Your programme will either follow an inpatient rehab timeline of 28 days, or an outpatient rehab timeline of a few months. By considering your wellbeing, symptoms, and addiction type, we can also make sure that safe and effective treatments are included.

This information will help to form your treatment programme and arrange your access into private rehab. With your input, a comfortable and suitable admissions date can be set, ready to check into or visit private rehab.


Different types of  Therapy Options

Our therapies are evidence-based here at Asana Lodge. We make use of scientifically proven treatment options, to promote safe and reliable recovery.

We do offer different types of therapy services, to make sure that personal symptoms, triggers, and responses can be accommodated. Through assessments, we will gauge the most suitable, to form your bespoke treatment programme.

Addiction treatments should help you withdraw from drugs and alcohol. A detoxification process will help with this step, fully assisted by our medical professionals. Therapy options should also help you recover emotionally and mentally. Our therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and holistic therapies assist with this.

Effective treatments should also consider the long-term, by educating clients and by planning for sobriety. Our treatment services of relapse prevention planning and aftercare offer awareness and direction. Preventing relapse is very important, which will be worked into each step of private rehab.

Due to the personal nature of addiction, treatment recommendations will be fully tailored for your admission.


Dual Diagnosis Treatments

A wide range of support is available through private rehab. Specialising in addiction and mental health recovery, dual diagnosis treatments can also be experienced here at Asana Lodge.

Private rehab is beneficial as a range of treatments are available to address additional concerns. Mental illness is highly concerning and common when abusing drugs and alcohol. Treatments are available to treat the co-occurring nature of addiction and mental illness, with a significant focus on psychological recovery.

Dual diagnosis treatments help to improve wellbeing, reduce relapse risks, and increase quality of life. They will be offered to you via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Selly Oak, to fit into your addiction treatment programme.


Personalised Aftercare Plan at Asana Lodge

Our personalised services will continue post-rehab. Aftercare plans follow our rehab services to strengthen recovery and to reduce relapse. Relapse is common through the first year of sobriety. 12 months of free aftercare will be provided to help reduce the risks of drug and alcohol exposure.

Your plan will be personalised around your needs, your new lifestyle, and your routine. You’ll develop a new routine which focuses on long-term recovery and healthy choices. Aftercare will fit into your schedule, to offer a continuous commitment.

Whilst some treatments can be accessed through the NHS, personalised, specialist services can only be found through private rehab. Experience treatments and therapies which are suitable for your circumstances here at Asana Lodge. From mental health support to long-term aftercare treatments, addiction treatments are flexible, ready to access through private rehab.

See more information about drug and alcohol rehab in the Birmingham area here.

How long does detoxification take?

A medically assisted detox is usually a rapid process. Initial detoxification can take 7-10 days, influencing expected withdrawal symptoms. After the initial withdrawal, symptoms can reside, yet are fully manageable through rehab.

Once physical withdrawal has been achieved, treatments and therapies will follow to heal the mind.

Do I need to bring anything with me to rehab?

It’s recommended that you bring any prescriptions, clothing, and hygiene products into rehab with you, if you’re completing an inpatient programme. Full guidance will be provided on dos and don’ts when entering rehab.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is common through addiction, which is where co-occurring symptoms of mental illness run alongside substance abuse. Requiring specialist support, dual diagnosis treatment will be necessary to complete in order to fully recover. As both are also relapsing disorders, a balanced lifestyle must be followed to sustain recovery. Guidance through dual diagnosis recovery is provided here at Asana Lodge.