Both substance abuse and addiction, as conditions, have a key similarity. They both enable unhealthy habits of drug and alcohol abuse. Yet symptoms, consequences and recovery journeys are different for both, requiring the right type of help.

Substance abuse is where physical habits are formed and encountered, whereas an addiction is developed and fuelled by physical and psychological connections, feelings, and actions. Both can be treated via drug and alcohol rehab yet will benefit from separate treatment options and services.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sparkbrook

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Any type and severity of drug and alcohol abuse can be dangerous and life-limiting, meaning that both should be taken seriously. Best treated, suppressed and managed with professional support, visiting, or residing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkbrook will be recommended.

Reach out to our team at Asana Lodge to experience the right type of help and treatment for your substance use problems. We will tailor a range of treatment services around your needs to offer an effective recovery journey.

We offer safe detoxification, effective rehabilitation, dual diagnosis treatments and aftercare services to sustainably treat addiction. Contact our team through our helpline, to recover and change your life away from drug and alcohol abuse.  

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Treating substance abuse and addiction

Treating substance abuse and addiction will be possible with professional support. Both can be treated through private rehab, which is encouraged over NHS treatment for its quality, pace, and personalisation. Although both will benefit from rehabilitation support, the type, length and focus of each process will differ.

Substance abuse is mostly treated through detoxification. As physical habits and routines amount, they will need to be diminished and managed. A detoxification process will promote withdrawal, helping to break the cycle and urge of drug and alcohol consumption. The likes of lifestyle management will then follow to manage future consumption.

Addiction is a stronger, complex condition, which will require both detoxification and rehabilitation processes. To treat physical and psychological connections, a range of treatment services will be required to withdraw the body, to heal the mind and to suppress habitual and negative behaviours.

Both conditions will benefit from intervention, withdrawal, change and management. Tailored programmes can be found through private rehab, following your needs, health requirements and addiction history.


Finding the right treatment in Sparkbrook

For addiction treatment, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkbrook will be recommended. Private rehab will offer the type of recovery process that you require, whilst treating the common symptoms and consequences of addiction.

Through local professional support, you’ll have a choice between outpatient rehab and inpatient rehab. Both are recommended to support the addiction recovery journey. Yet to treat addiction through an urgent and intense process, the latter is encouraged.

Outpatient rehab is mostly recommended to treat substance abuse. It’s arranged over a number of months, by scheduling weekly visits for addiction treatment. It offers flexibility and accountability whilst withdrawing and managing drug and alcohol exposure.

Inpatient rehab is recommended to treat addiction, offered over a 28-day period. Consistent and progressive treatment sessions are expected, whilst residing in a positive and professional environment. The addiction recovery process is much more complicated, which benefits from the range of services and resources offered through inpatient care.

Depending on your needs, lifestyle, type of habit and available timeframe, either outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment can be found in Sparkbrook. At Asana Lodge, we can arrange and facilitate this for you.


What happens during addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment services are personally recommended. There are some commonly recommended options, for their effectiveness through withdrawal and recovery. Yet there are also some holistic therapies, which are less popular yet highly proven through recovery. We make use of both here at Asana Lodge, following your chosen structure of inpatient or outpatient rehab.


Detoxification is one of the most expected steps of rehabilitation. It helps to withdraw the body through a safe and proactive process. By completing a medically assisted detox, withdrawal symptoms can be suppressed and worked through to manage a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.


Therapy is also an expected recommendation via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkbrook. Especially recommended to treat addiction, varying forms of therapy will be available to help with the emotional symptoms of addiction. Family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy are prevalent forms.

Our holistic therapies also fall within this step of drug and alcohol rehab, to help heal the mind and improve mental wellbeing. The likes of mindfulness, satori chair therapy and HRV biofeedback therapy are available.

Mental health support

Mental health support is also offered through addiction treatment. As mental illness is closely linked to addiction, dual diagnosis treatments will be offered to work through any symptoms.

Relapse prevention planning

Planning for sobriety and any possible relapse risks is important. At Asana Lodge, we educate our clients on relapse signs, whilst offering guidance on prevention and how to overcome drug and alcohol exposure.

Throughout each step, a tailored approach will be followed, to increase the effectiveness and safety of addiction treatment. Together, treatments are combined to promote sobriety, and to make it a realistic goal for the future.


Aftercare in Sparkbrook

For 12 months, post-rehab, aftercare will be offered. Aftercare is highly supportive when working through the initial stages of recovery. Some parts will be new to you, which will be eased through local aftercare.

Both substance abuse and addiction can be treated via a drug and alcohol rehab in Sparkbrook. Following a suitable, tailored programme, each can be separately worked through and managed. Reach out here to Asana Lodge to experience the right treatment programme for your diagnosis.

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Is long term recovery achievable?

Long-term recovery is an achievable goal. Through rehab itself, sobriety is realistic, yet to remain sober and prolong recovery, efforts must continue. Long-term recovery is therefore an ongoing goal, lifestyle, and choice to aim for, which you can prepare for through drug and alcohol rehab.

What kinds of treatments are available for gambling addiction?

A gambling addiction is classed as a behavioural habit. Gambling is a physical action, yet routine exposure soon impacts behaviours, choices, emotions, and outlooks. To treat a gambling addiction, detoxification from all activity will be necessary, along with understanding the psychology behind such activity. Therapy, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and relapse prevention planning are all effective options.

What happens when I leave rehab?

Once you return home to Sparkbrook, your recovery journey will truly begin. This is the time to make use of the tools and progress that you’ve developed through rehab. You’ll have the capabilities to return to everyday life, yet by making some small changes to your choices and routine. Aftercare services and relapse prevention planning will help you through those changes, to sustain sobriety and a lifestyle that welcomes it.