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Selecting private rehab is highly encouraged here at Asana Lodge. There are a wealth of benefits linked to its quality, approach, and recovery rates. Through this selection, various decisions will need to be made around your impending addiction recovery journey.

Private rehab is a flexible service. It provides clients with a number of decisions, to make sure that the most suitable and beneficial recovery journey is set. You can expect this level of personalisation here at Asana Lodge, providing you with an accommodating rehab programme.

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Are you suffering from a Drug or Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Asana Lodge is a leading UK based expert in Private Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline or request a call-back by clicking on the below form.

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We will be here to guide the way, whilst facilitating your drug and alcohol rehabilitation experience. Reach out to make some decisions around your journey via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Rednal.

Selecting Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

To experience private rehab, you will firstly need to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Rednal which is accommodating. The choice will be up to you, to make sure that your personal needs and expectations can be respected and nurtured through rehab. There’s a high chance that a CQC registered rehab clinic, like ours at Asana Lodge will be able to deliver a personalised, private and specialist programme. We are here to offer advice and guide you towards the most beneficial rehab experience.

Once you have a rehab clinic in mind, you’ll then need to decide about the delivery of addiction treatment. You will have the choice between inpatient and outpatient rehab. Both rehab programmes are tailored to individual needs. They are also facilitated through the facilities of private rehab. They are safe, guided by professionals and inclusive of a range of services. Yet their differences lie in their cost, timeline, and flow.

Inpatient residential rehab is the most expensive yet fastest option. It offers an intense, quick pace of addiction treatment sessions, averagely completed over 28 days. You can encounter it by checking into your selected drug and alcohol rehab in Rednal. You’ll benefit from 24/7 care, exposure to a wide range of facilities, and a 360-recovery programme.

Outpatient rehab is the most affordable option yet can take a number of months to fulfil. Instead of checking into private rehab, you’ll visit for pre-arranged treatment sessions. Sessions are consistent, providing access to professional support and recovery designed environments. Greater autonomy is expected through the flexibility of outpatient treatment.

Your selection will affect the flow of your rehabilitation journey. Both options will be personalised, making sure that you can recover on safe and sustainable terms. Yet the urgency, pace and approach to treatment will differ.

What Happens During a Rehab Programme?

By selecting private rehab, you will have control over the type of experience you have. You can look to select a rehab clinic that will provide the treatments, services, and additional programmes that you require/expect.

A day in rehab will differ depending on your selection and the delivery of your treatments. Yet here at Asana Lodge, we do have a timeline in place, working through drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Each admission will be followed by an alcohol detox process or a drug detox process. Withdrawing on an immediate basis will be very important, to get clean and focused, ready for rehabilitation. Withdrawal symptoms are expected through days 1-10 yet can be worked through comfortably with our 24/7 medical assistance.

The timeline then focuses on rehabilitation, which helps to unravel addictive behaviours, their cause, and impacts. Our rehabilitation centre offers a wide range of therapy-based treatments, including support groups, therapy for family members, cognitive behavioural therapy, and group therapy. Various services will combine to create your own treatment plan.

Our approach at Asana Lodge is scientifically backed, as we offer proven addiction treatment services. Our services mix medical and mental health options with holistic therapies. You can expect to complete mindfulness sessions, focus on your wellbeing and nutrition, as well as benefit from further sessions which focus on balance.

The timeline will then progress towards post-rehab planning and aftercare. By leaving a drug and alcohol rehab in Rednal you will have weekly aftercare support and relapse prevention sessions at your disposal. Recommendations will be personalised to make sure that you experience the right transitional plan.

Accessing Rehab here at Asana Lodge

Our support, treatments and rehabilitation plans can be accessed through a straightforward admission. Our admissions team is available to help you through the next steps to plan and prepare for rehab.

An admission is an opportunity to ask any questions and familiarise yourself with what’s ahead. It’s also a chance to share your symptoms and experiences, to help our team understand your needs. A plan of action, admission date and rehab programme can then be personalised and arranged, ready to support your transition into rehab.

We’re here to offer confidential advice up until you’re ready for private rehab. We’re also here to push your referral through, helping you access private rehab through an urgent timeframe.

Aftercare on Discharge from Rehab

Post-rehab, long-term recovery will be the aim. This far, focus will be placed on sobriety. Once you’ve managed to complete a rehab programme, without further drug and alcohol consumption, your aim will shift to sustaining sobriety.

Aftercare services will be available to help increase the likelihood of maintaining sobriety upon completion of rehab treatment. You’ll have support to help you along the way and access to relapse prevention planning with 24/7 call opportunities with our team.

Aftercare is a free service, here to make your discharge an easier process to experience. You can begin aftercare as soon as you return home.

Private rehab will give you plenty of choices, opportunities, and services to benefit from. A personalised recovery experience can be formed for you at Asana lodge. Reach out to attend a private drug and alcohol rehab in Rednal, offering convenience and flexibility.

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How invasive is rehab?

Rehab is perceived as an invasive service. Yet it’s a highly private, safe, and protective process whilst attending or residing in private rehab. Understandably, your experiences, history and personal details will be shared through rehab. You’ll need to open up and be vulnerable. You’ll also work through health issues and challenges. Yet confidentiality is maintained, private settings are sustained, addiction treatments are safe, and teams are experienced and compassionate. You can feel safe, respected, and protected throughout rehab here at Asana Lodge.

How will treatment help for the future?

Some treatments will offer short-term results, to promote withdrawal or change. Yet others will offer long-term effects, such as relapse prevention planning. Long-term treatments will help by providing the tools, coping strategies and knowledge to remain sober. For example, relapse prevention will provide insight into relapse, along with how to prevent and work through relapse.

What type of lifestyle should I lead after rehab?

You should aim to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle with limited drug and alcohol exposure. The choices that you make on a post-rehab basis will impact your recovery. By being honest with yourself, keeping control over routines and actions, and by implementing the tools of rehab, long-term recovery can be a realistic goal